5 Happiness Must – Read Tips To Be Pleased With Yourself




Does A Happy Relationship Depend On You?

Are You Happy With Yourself?

You are constantly searching for your inner bliss. Are you wondering if there is a secret recipe for happiness, such as happiness in a relationship, at home, in the family, or at work, and why you have not found it up till now …?!

You are looking and analyzing happy people, reading articles, watching videos … looking for perfect happiness! But, in this search, you are certainly not alone because millions of people seek the formula for long-lasting happiness. In this strategy, they all forget one thing: The REAL KEY to Happiness with Other People IS – Happiness with Yourself!

You Are The Cause Of Happiness

Become your best friend to yourself. When you love yourself, you make other people love you too. Because of the fact similar energy is attractive as a magnet, date positive people and avoid negative ones. If you’re lucky, you’ll only attract happy people around you, and so you will become happy too.

There are 5 – Must Read Happiness Tips

1. Forgive Yourself

With self-forgiveness and forgiveness to other people around you, you will release the soul and mind from bad influence. Learn from your own mistakes and move further in life. Feel free from negative influences without feeling any guilt.

Forgive Yourself2. You are Complete…

”You make me feel Complete”- sounds nice, but it is badly very wrong … The reason you do not feel complete enough, is the same reason why you are constantly looking for someone to do that for you and to fulfill that gap in your soul  … But why? We’re already complete. … And if we were not, would you put your happiness in someone else’s hands? Does anyone else have to grant us happiness or failure?

Then, we realize that we are the only ones responsible for the determination of our happiness or our unhappiness. Is discontent our fault? Absolutely! The power of our lives is in our hands. In a relationship, two complete personalities build an identity, but this leads to the most painful relationship challenges such as jealousy, infidelity, and abuse. Do you want your love to depend on someone or something apart from yourself? I don’t think so..?!

You Are Complete

3. Learn about Yourself

How great do you feel in your skin when you are alone? Reading a book, watching a movie, listening to your favorite music, or going shopping? How do you feel? It feels good, looks good, and works well. So, you have more self-confidence and you are attractive to many confident people.

There are things that bother you? Straighten them; Bad haircut – Change it; malnutrition – Change it; a problem with weight – start exercising. They can be easy to fix. But, what are the favorite parts of your personality? You want to laugh, you appreciate honesty, you like cheerful people or like humor, maybe?

Find the parts of your body that you most like: your eyes, your hands, your hair, and your legs…. highlight them and improve your confidence.

Learn About Yourself

4. Take A Good Look at Yourself

Examine yourself, and say that you look amazing. Love yourself … Love even your flaws, because all of them are part of you. You can be happy even with things that you would like to change in yourself. No one is perfect- everyone had flaws. Perfection does not exist. Everyone has inevitable pain and suffering mandatory. It is important to learn how to get over that.

Obama Look Himself In The Mirror5. Improve yourself

What are your skills and talents? Are the things that are you good at the ones you want to improve? What is the best you’ve done so far? What do you want, and what you don’t? Are there any questions you want to answer differently than usual, as you have already done …?!? Do it for yourself …NOW!!!

Improve Yourself

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