Don’t Waste Time! These Exercises Will Keep Your Sciatica Pain at Bay 

 February 12, 2021

By  Gabriela

Those who have never experienced sciatica pain and lower back pain, can’t imagine how painful and debilitating these conditions can be. Statistically, one out of ten people suffers from sciatica and low back pain. When suffering from this pain, all you want to do is just stay in bed.

What is Sciatica Pain?

Sciatica pain a type of pain caused by a compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve. But you would probably ask, what is a sciatic nerve?

According to Healthline, the sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the human body that runs down the spine and ends up in the legs. When pressed, it causes sharp shocks that run down your leg or some nagging pain in the lower back.

What Causes Sciatica and Lower Back Pain?

Both sciatica and lower back pain can be the results of some different reasons. They include sports injuries, heavy lifting, accidents, and stress.

When experiencing such pain, it’s a must that you find out the real cause of it in order to avoid its recurrence.

In the Very Moment of Pain

As soon as you feel the pain, make sure you sit or lay down to relax. You can also apply some ice to the affected area in order to provide relief.

If possible, the best solution is to visit a chiropractor and explain the intensity of your pain.

Another important factor is the way (both mental and emotional) you deal with the pain. Some people tend to concentrate on the physical aspect of the pain while disregarding the emotional aspect.

This type of pain is usually associated with both anxiety and depression. So, when dealing with physical pain, take care of your stress, sadness, anxiety, and depression.

Relieve Your Sciatica Pain

The sciatica pain usually starts around the glutes and then spreads down to the thighs.

So, it is of crucial importance to practice some stretching exercises in order to relieve the sciatic pain.

Here are some simple stretches that can be performed very easily at home and provide amazing results.

  • Piriformis stretch;
  • Seated hip stretch;
  • Pigeon pose;
  • Self-trigger point exercise with a foam roller or a tennis ball.

Additional Tips for Sciatica and Lower Back Pain Relief

Along with the stretches, you can practice some different methods that can help you relieve the pain. They include massages, acupuncture, yoga, chiropractic care, pilates, and tai chi.

When it comes to any type of back pain, the most important things are to stay hydrated, practice regular exercise and maintain good body posture.

Source Wise Mind Healthy Body | Spine Health NHS

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