11 Reasons You Should Keep Banana or Orange Peels




People usually throw away the peels from the fruits they eat, but not many are aware that the peels have very powerful ingredients, useful for many things – either medical or practical.

If you throw away a banana or an orange peel, you are throwing away many of the health benefits that they can give.

Banana peels

1. Banana peels are full of potassium, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins B6 and B12, and many other nutrients and enzymes, which can help your body’s skin. Banana peels can remove warts and splinters, and give the skin a youthful look.

2. The banana peel contains lots of fiber, which helps digestion. Another great benefit from the banana peel is that it contains tryptophan. Tryptophan increases the serotonin levels in your body, which elevates your positive mood.

3. With so many good ingredients, banana peels can help the healing process. It is proven that they speed up the process of healing the bruises.

4. Rubbing the banana peel on the teeth for a few minutes daily can help your teeth become whiter in a matter of few weeks.

5. Banana peel will calm down the inflammation and irritation of acne. If you rub the peel over the acne every day, you should notice improvements within a few days.

6. Banana peels are very useful for your shoes and clothes as well. Rubbing the banana peel on the leather shoes and then going over them with a soft cloth will give them a nice polished look. Leather jackets also can keep up their longevity with regular rubbings of a banana peel on them, before cleaning them with a soft cloth.

Keep Banana and Orange Peels

Orange peels

7. The orange peel contains four times more fiber than the orange itself. They contain flavonoids, which Healthline cells. Orange peel also reduces the risk of skin cancer, as it contains an ingredient that protects from dangerous UV rays.

8. Orange peels can increase the body`s metabolism and helps in food digestion. It helps against vomiting and body gas. It can also boost your appetite and relieve nausea.

9. Orange peel has a bitter taste, which is not as pleasant as the orange itself, but if you chop it off into small pieces and sprinkle it over other foods, you will not even notice it and still, your body will get many health benefits.

10. Some scientific researchers have proved that orange peel can dissolve the bad triglycerides and cholesterol inside the body. Obese people would benefit a lot if they consume orange peels regularly.

11. Orange peels contain sedative essential oils, which makes them great for calming your nerves and inducing sleep. If you use orange peels in baths, it will lift your mood and it can beat insomnia.

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