7 Things Miley Cyrus Does To Turn Into The Right One Girlfriend

7 Things about: THE ”RIGHT ONE”

Men are simple creatures. Make his dream come TRUE! Why not?! Miley Cyrus offer you 7 Things, easy-to-apply steps to make it happen.

7 Things – Proven Recipe

The 7 things I hate about you
You’re vain, your games, you’re insecure
You love me, you like her
You make me laugh, you make me cry
I don’t know which side to buy… The 7 things I like about you…

1. Be Present

If you want a healthy and deep connection with your partner; If you want a real love relationship, you need to dedicate to him unselfishly. When you are with him, put your cell phone in a bag, purse or drawer-anywhere outside of the room or somewhere he cannot listen to its ringing. However, we all can survive without Facebook statuses or notifications…

Be with him, talk with him and look him in the eyes, as if there is no other place in the world where you’d like to be, but here, with him. DO NOT even think of anything else. Multitasking is “out of question”!  We all know to be a “multitask” sometimes. But, when we do just one thing at the moment – we are doing it great. When we do more things at same time, we often do poorly. Do not even think to text message your friend. That can wait… YOUR MAN – CANNOT!!!

2. Love What He Loves

Your partner is certainly a passionate guy. Try to look at his heart; in his mind; to know what he wants; what his passion is….and talk about it. Find at least one thing that you sharing each other, something that both have in common. You must reveal his character. Relationships succeed with synergy, common life, and common interests. If you can’t find not a single one, than, why are you guys together?!

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3. Be His Friend

Men want a companion, a girl who will primarily be a friend with him; with whom he will discuss; ask for advice; share common interests, humor and have conversation. But also, he needs someone who will fulfill his physical needs: to roll in the bed, from time to time…naked…. Do not be complicated, they do not want that. Be a Good Friend and he will always keep you in his surroundings.

4. Don’t Nag

Often, our mind sees what it wants to see? We are focusing on things that bother us. Thinking of the negatives – we see negative, and we start the Drama!!! Probably we are more passionate about something, but that’s no reason to create a fight in the moment. When something bothers you about your partner related to his character or his behavior, don’t start a drama-just talk, tell him and find the solution which is acceptable for both of you. The Rule is: Don’t focus on the things that you don’t like, just embrace the things you do. Unless you can’t … In that case you are on the ”wrong track’’…

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5. Avoid Social Networks

If you are friends of Facebook, ”unfriend” him immediately. You are in a relationship, you are lovers and you can’t be ordinary friends in the virtual world. We are human beings – our nature is jealousy, possessiveness and suspicion. What’s the need for that? Protect yourself from drama and stress. Trust your boyfriend, until proven otherwise. It’s better than to wait to make a mistake on Facebook, Isn’t it?!

6. Smile Long, Often and Loud

We know that laughter brings divine energy, so smile long, often and loudly…. There mustn’t be a reason for laughter … There is humor in every situation if you look positively; And, in addition, the great profit of this is that you will always be a positive person in his eyes. Who doesn’t want to see a big smile on someone’s face? Laughter is the most important factor in a relationship.

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7. Sing Love Songs – The Most Important of 7 Things

Everything that you want to say – DO IT through  a song … Find beautiful love words filled with emotion, passion and desire … Is there a better way to express a deep emotional feeling, if not through a  song ??!!! When it comes to love, everything is allowed and acceptable. Send him a very short, but clear message: “Love me and you will be loved!!!”