Attention: Look At Him!!!




5 ”Musts” for women (by Men)

  1. Be HONEST – Tell the truth and ”nothing but the truth”. If you don’t like the meal he prepared – tell him; if you don’t like the music that goes in the background – tell him, also;
  2. Be CONSISTENT – Try not to change your mood often. Switch ”on” your smile and keep it there for the rest of your life;
  3. Pay ATTENTION to his speech – Don’t look at the TV while he is talking;
  4. Have POSITIVE attitude – Imagine that you would have to have a cup of coffee with a friend who has negative attitude towards life… And, how would you feel if you were to spend your ENTIRE life with such a person?!? ;
  5. LOVE him – The most important! Men expect a woman to be is support, his lover, his friend… Money can be easily earned, but love can be only given without a condition…

Women, men expect that YOU LOVE them and RESPECT them without ”IFS”!


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