Why “Perfection” suffers from “Loneliness” ?!?!




” She is hot! ”

” She is beautiful! ”

” She is pretty! ”

” She is smart…intelligent… educated… well informed… her friends say she was a perfect cook… she loves children… she has a job… she is outgoing person… SHE IS PERFECT!

Then, why is she alone???

Women with the description like the one above are rare, but again, they have no boyfriend, nor dare men to approach them. Three simple reasons why this is so:

  • She is wonderful, but she is MORE SUCCESSFUL THAN ME? (Men, men, I hate their ego!!!) ;
  • She controls me TOO MUCH (Men, please define too much! Is it more or less than you do? Who is jealous when a guy looks at her because she is something ”you can’t miss’’? YOU should be proud that SHE IS YOUR GIRLFRIEND!!! You also look other people’s girlfriends… Or, you just ” compare’’?!? Ah, men, men, men… They think they are always right…);
  • She is too good for me (Besides their ego, I hate their complex of inferiority… Ah, men, men, men, MEN…)

This is not a justification, NO! You are ” THE MEN IN THE HOME’’, RIGHT?!? Or I got it something wrong…!

Men, perfect women usually don’t know that they are perfect (I just revealed one of the women’s secrets, but don’t tell anybody.) Just, DARE, pick ” Ms. Perfect” and make her happy!!!

No Body Is Perfect

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