20 Amazing Health Benefits of Okra




Okra is one of the oldest foods and according to some sources it was used by people even 3.500 years ago. The ancient Egyptians were especially fond of okra. Today, this food is used all over the world because of its unique taste, various ways in which it can be prepared and of course, because of its healing properties. It is rich in many nutrients and fiber and it can help people with many health problems.

Health Benefits of Okra

Here’s a list of 20 amazing health benefits of okra.

1. The pods of okra are packed with vitamin A as well as with some flavonoid antioxidants like xanthin, lutein and beta-carotenes. This is one of the richest sources of these antioxidants at least when it comes to green vegetables. They help the body fight free radicals and improve vision. In addition, vitamin A improves the health and functioning of the mucus membranes and skin. Eating fruits and vegetables that have high amounts of flavonoids protects the body from oral cavity and lung cancer.

2. It supports the binding of bile acid and cholesterol and prepares and carries the toxins for filtration in the liver.

3. Okra contains fiber too and this fiber can regulate blood sugar levels because it supports the proper absorption of sugar in the intestines.

4. This fiber is also very good for the probiotics (good bacteria) because it serves as their food. This improves the overall health of the intestinal tract.

5. Okra also contributes to the proper lubrication of the large intestine because it has laxative properties. This vegetable (its fiber) absorbs water and stabilizes stools. This means that it can protect the body from constipation or heal it in case we face such problem. Okra is helping the body throughout the entire process by providing easy and safe passage of toxins and waste from the body. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, okra doesn’t come with any side effects and it is completely natural.

6. This incredible veggie has been used for treating ulcers and improves the functioning of joints for centuries. Since it is very alkaline it can neutralize acids and forms a protective layer for the digestive tract (this layer works only temporarily).

7. Okra should be used by people who feel exhausted, tired, and weak and those who deal with depression.
8. It has been used in some blood plasma replacement experiments with excellent results.
9. Okra sooths sore throat, inflammation and irritable bowel syndrome.
10. Stabilizes cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

20 Amazing Health Benefits of Okra

11. Many experts believe that it can protect us from various types of cancer.
12. Since it contains large amount of vitamin C (a vitamin with great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties) it can help asthma sufferers too.
13. Prevents diabetes.
14. Eating okra supports the healthy structure of our blood capillaries.
15. This vegetable prevents the formation of pimples and contributes to a smooth and healthy skin.
16. A recent research has shown that eating okra reduces the chance of developing cataracts.
17. Okra seeds are a great source of many different vegetable oils and protein. They also contain cystine, tryptophan and other amino acids important for our health.
18. Okra is known as an aphrodisiac too. In addition, it can help in cases of genital disorders like gonorrhea, excessive menstrual bleeding and syphilis.
19. This vegetable is rich in vitamin K, folate and iron, ingredients known for their usefulness when it comes to production of red blood cells, hemoglobin and blood coagulation.
20. As we have mentioned before okra is packed with natural fiber and this fiber is not only good for the digestive system, but also for the proper detoxification of the body.

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