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If You Eat Celery Every Day for a Week, You Might Notice These Changes in Your Body

Celery is crunchy, stringy, watery, green and flavorless. It’s a vegetable people eat even if it’s cooked and it’s no longer recognizable. Probably, you have heard that people burn more calories digesting celery than it has calories. Also, it’s said that celery lowers arthritis pain and cholesterol levels, detoxifies the body, reduces blood pressure, helps […]

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Tasting Wine Stimulates Your Brain More than Math

It’s all about the way we generate flavors. The term might have a negative connotation, but it’s something that every wine snob knows it. And now, the Yale neuroscientist Gordon Shepherd explains it. He says that the act of tasting wine stimulates the brain more than activities like tackling a difficult math problem or listening […]

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