7 Breathing Exercises and Yoga Poses to Help You Reduce Stress and Anxiety [Infographic]




HuffPost is one of the most common emotions that increase stress levels in modern people.

From the moment we start feeling anxious, our blood pressure and heart rate rapidly increase and we start breathing improperly – we take fast, shallow breaths.

The nervous system has to respond to this stress by increasing the production of cortisol (stress hormone) and adrenaline which should help the mind cope with the stressful situation.

This is why we experience high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and fast breathing.

This is a cycle of stress caused by anxiety.

If you live under pressure and stress all the time then you will have not only experience mental problems, but physical problems too.

These problems usually come in the form of inflammation.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety with Yoga

Yoga is a mental, physical, and spiritual discipline that is known for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety in any individual.

Numerous studies have confirmed that regular practice of yoga can lead to a reduction of anxiety episodes, but it also relaxes the muscles in which we can notice tension because of the stress.

Yoga can also reduce inflammation.

Whilst there is indeed no research on the effects of certain yoga poses on anxiety, there is a study that has confirmed the positive effects of several specific poses.

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This study served as inspiration for Amy Cuddy, social psychologist at Harvard, to reveal a set of power poses that have proven to be helpful when it comes to the reduction of cortisol and boosting testosterone levels which ultimately leads to the reduction of anxiety and improved self-confidence.

Taking deep breaths and practicing deep breathing with the help of your diaphragm will also support your nervous system. The final result is decreased stress response and balanced heart rate and blood pressure.

Check this easy and simple char of breathing exercises based on yoga to get rid of stress whenever you start feeling tension.

7 Breathing Exercises and Yoga Poses to Help You Reduce Stress and Anxiety Infographic

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