Renew Your Entire Immune System by Fasting Just 3 Days





Fasting is one of the best ways to refresh your system.

The entire immune system in any individual can be refreshed and rejuvenated by fasting and it takes only three days to see these effects because this is the period of time when the body starts creating new white blood cells.

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Scientists who have confirmed this through a scientific study claim that fasting literally triggers a regenerative switch which urges stem cells to start producing new white blood cells.

This scientific breakthrough has confirmed that a three-day fasting can do wonders for the entire immune system in individuals regardless of their age (the elderly can witness the changes too).

For years, diets based on fasting were heavily criticized by many nutritionists and they were labeled as “unhealthy”, however this new research confirms that starving the system for a short period of time, can support the stem cells in their efforts to produce brand new white blood cells, which are crucial for fighting infections.

The main focus of this research conducted by the scientists at the University of Southern California was the effects of fasting in people that deal with damaged immune system like cancer patients that follow chemotherapy. It turns out that this practice can be very beneficial for these patients.

Renew Your Entire Immune System by Fasting Just 3 Days

In addition, this practice can also support the immune system in the elderly and this is very important because their immune system weakens over years and they have difficulties when they have to deal even with some common diseases.

Via The Telegraph

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