Why are People With Blood Type 0 So Special?




Blood type 0 was the most common blood type among our ancestors. They were known as smart and aggressive predators and hunters.

People with blood type 0 today are usually playing some vital roles in society. These people have many qualities including the ability to stay focused, proactivity, leadership, and energy. In addition, they are known for their productivity and power. But, these qualities come with certain downsides too.

For example, when people with blood type 0 are under pressure and stress they tend to become impulsive, hyperactive, angry, and reckless. Lack of physical activity, bad diet, excessive stress levels, and unhealthy habits are leading to their excessive sensitivity to various metabolic effects like obesity and overweight, the improper activity of the thyroid gland, and even insulin resistance.

Remember that your genetic inheritance allows you to become productive, and strong, live a long healthy life, and be enthusiastic.

What makes you special?

This specific and relatively rare blood type makes people prone to a few diseases and disorders including ulcers and thyroid dysfunction. People with blood type 0 often experience lower thyroid hormone levels and improper levels of iodine. This chemical compound is here to regulate the production and level of thyroid hormones. It is quite natural to expect that such a situation will lead to certain problems like fatigue, obesity, and fluid retention.

In addition, these people deal with increased levels of acid in the stomach compared to other blood types. This occurrence often ends in stomach ulcers and stomach irritation.

Many experts in Japan believe that blood types are closely related to the type of personality an individual has. It is not unusual to be asked about your blood type even when you are applying for a job. Generally speaking, blood type 0 people are considered to be committed, responsible, loyal, focused, well-organized, practical, conscientious, and punctual. Many of them are also great logicians and have a better sense of orientation. This assumption is based on the fact that their direct ancestors were hunters who had to focus on the environment and surroundings in order to catch prey.

There are many reasons that lead to stress and two common ones are hyperactivity and excessive anger. People who have blood type 0 are more prone to aggressive and potentially dangerous behavior when they feel depressed, tired, or simply bored. This means that they will more likely accept taking risks, look for excitement, be impulsive, and start gambling. Stay away from alcohol and caffeine. You should be especially careful with caffeine because it stimulates noradrenaline and adrenaline production and these levels are already high in people with blood type 0.

Exercising is crucial because it can calm down anyone and make them feel more relaxed. People with blood type 0 need to be more active than other people in order to keep their emotional stability and maintain overall health. It is highly recommended to be involved in physical activity at least three times a week.

In order to get the best results, you need to perform aerobic exercises that last for about 45 minutes.

Make sure that you have a well-developed plan and goals. By creating, daily, weekly, monthly and annual plans you will be able to control impulsive reactions. Start implementing these changes slowly.

You can keep eating all the food even snacks, but when you are at the table be relaxed and chew every food slowly.

When you feel stressed, don’t make any important decisions or spend money. In case you are dealing with excess weight, start exercising as soon as possible.

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