VIRGO – December 2013




Virgo(Aug 23 – Sep 22) – Love. Stars will affect your mood in a most positive way during December. Butterflies in your stomach, emotions and a mixture of feelings will be the characteristic of this month. Those who are in relationship can expect a marriage proposal or a “living-together offer”. Congratulations of your answer is “yes”! But, be careful in the second half of December. Discussions and quarrels with your partner are very likely to happen. You will be the reason for them, of course, these “butterflies” can easily turn into hungry birds that will “destroy” your stomach with anger. Does your partner REALLY deserve your despise?!? Control yourself more! Anger is not typical for you.

Health. Your liver might be at risk. It is highly recommended that you see a doctor. Eat more lemons, roots and liquid food, such as soups. Drink tea for improving your immune system and avoid drinking coffee on empty stomach. Expect this disorder, you won’t have more serious health problems.

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