LEO – December 2013




Leo(Jul 23 – Aug 22) – Love. December will be full of fights. Sorry for disappoint you, but that is the truth! The whole December, in fact will be very dramatic. You won’t be able to find a person to understand you. Yes! You have a job, you have a beautiful home, but you feel you chosen one “is not” the “one”? So, what’s wrong with you? Your partner is the only one that can understand you even better than yourself. Be patient in terms of money – your partner won’t leave you if you earn less! Money doesn’t spin the world! Your partner will help you achieve your goals and will be the support you have always needed. Take his/her hand and walk through life with your head up high. There is time for everything, even when it doesn’t seem be. Every next day is another possibility for you. Don’t let it go!!!

Health. Avoid eating fast – food. Fresh salads with delicious dressing are always welcomed. Insomnia is the biggest health disorder in December. Therefore, drink a glass of cold milk before you go to bed.

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