A Big Plate for Breakfast: Yes Or No?




Usually, people who try to lose weight face the dilemma of whether to eat a lot of food for breakfast or not. Moreover, they are not sure if they have to have breakfast at all! The information given till now was contradictory, but it seems that the latest research has the last word.

Doctors from Else Kroner- Fresenius lead the study in which 300 overweight people were participants. They all were writing down the daily intake of food for each meal. Everybody ate the same amount for lunch and dinner, no matter they ate a lot for breakfast or not (‘‘a lot” means if you have a daily intake of more than 400 calories than your body needs). The result was a daily intake of more than 400 calories per day- nothing more than that. The only positive thing from this story was that people learned to have breakfast instead of starving in the morning.

The conclusion was that if you want to eat more in the morning, you should low the number of calories taken during lunch and dinner. National Health Service of Great Britain recommends that you take at least five pieces of fruit per day; lower the intake of plain sugar; and, do sports if you want to have visible effects in the fight against pounds.400-500 Calorie Recipes

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