Top 10 Diseases That Can Be Cured By Medical Marijuana




There are many cases where cannabis has cured severe illnesses or made the patient much better. In this article, we will consider the main diseases that are treated with marijuana and try to prove that this plant can help, not harm. And also how it helps patients in difficult cases.

Sick patients may take medical marijuana in various types. Various methods are known:

  • Steam inhalation;
  • Marijuana cigarettes;
  • Oral liquid tinctures;
  • Oil.

There are also balms that have not yet gained great popularity among patients.

Why can medical marijuana be useful?

Physicians in some cities and states may prescribe medical cannabis to their patients. However, it requires a personal consultation. Medical marijuana doctor Tallahassee is a good opportunity to prevent certain diseases. And the reason is clear – cannabis has a large list of useful substances that can cure even serious diseases or have a positive impact on them.

However, it should be understood here that self-medication in this case can seriously harm a person. Therefore, when dealing with medical marijuana, it is recommended that the patient consult a doctor who will calculate the dose and provide a special medical record.

What does medical cannabis do?

Cannabis is not such a terrible evil as it appears at first glance. Scientists have proven that marijuana can help to cure many important diseases. At the same time, research on this topic does not stop. Every year, scientists report new discoveries and the beneficial properties of special medical cannabis. However, the diseases that cannabis can fight are already known today. If the disease is not cured, then the patient’s health can become noticeably better. What are these diseases?

Alzheimer’s disease

This disease disrupts the mental activity of a person. In the future, a person may begin to manifest dementia. This disease can be described as chronic. The disease begins gradually and progresses very slowly. In some cases, you might think that the disease does not develop, but this is not so. As a result, the symptoms of the disease lead a person’s mental health to partial or complete destruction.

The first signs of the disease are memory loss and cognitive dysfunction. Some medical studies claim that in 30 years the number of people with Alzheimer’s disease will increase significantly, by 60-70%. The implication is that millions of people will suffer.

Effective medicine for this disease has not yet been found. But scientists are constantly finding methods that can slow the progress of the disease. Among these methods is medical marijuana. According to the statements of some scientists, quite soon the components of cannabis may become medicinal components of many drugs.


Laboratory experiments have shown that marijuana compounds can help with their properties. Drugs soften the effect of the disease on the body, so the drug can significantly reduce the number of seizures, and in some cases completely stop them.

Multiple sclerosis

This disease proceeds in the form of an inflammatory process. It happens like this: nerve cells begin to be actively affected in different parts of the body, mainly in areas of the spinal cord and brain. Because of this, the patient may notice a deterioration in both physical and mental conditions. Thanks to the components that are in medical marijuana, you can establish some control over the manifestations of muscle spasms.


Many studies of the disease suggest that people suffering from cancer can use small doses of medical marijuana.

Today, some US states may prescribe small doses of cannabis as a pain reliever for cancer, as an appetite stimulant, and to treat insomnia. It should be noted that medical cannabis has found the most popular use among cancer patients precisely as a safe antiemetic during chemotherapy.


As recently as 10 years ago, specialized medical journals published the positive results of a study that demonstrated the positive impact of certain components of cannabis on the treatment of schizophrenia.


Treatment of diabetes involves the continuous use of insulin. Doctors may prescribe a small dose of medical marijuana as this method is able to control blood sugar levels. Therefore, drug companies have developed and released medicinal cannabis-based drugs to prevent certain types of diabetes.


Despite the fact that most people believe that marijuana smoking causes lung pathology, some experts do not agree with this opinion. There are cases where medical marijuana is prescribed to treat asthma to counter inflammation.


Medical research has proven that the substances found in medical cannabis can fight such a disease. At least there are chances to seriously reduce the possibility of such a disease in men.


Marijuana can seriously reduce arthritis pain. To be more precise, medical cannabis can reduce the acute pain of this disease and enable people to, if not forget about the disease, then help other methods to try to completely cure this disease.

In some states, it is the use of a small dose of marijuana for medical purposes that relieves arthritis pain. However, we are talking about a medical substance as a legal drug, which is prescribed by a doctor after consultation with his patient.

Hepatitis C

This disease is included in the list of infectious diseases. The disease has a negative effect on the liver and affects it by causing the hepatitis C virus.  In the future, it can significantly worsen human health. And the disease can cause other diseases in a person. There are already stages of medical marijuana treatment for this disease.

No medical specialists or scientists say unequivocally that the use of medical marijuana is a mandatory and irreplaceable process. However, the fact that cannabis-derived substances can cure the diseases listed above can change the attitude towards marijuana and force many to rethink their views.

Moreover, there are specialized medical centers that have experience with such substances. Specialized doctors carefully study the medical history and prescribe certain doses of marijuana, which is grown in laboratories under the supervision of specialists. After all, it is in such circumstances that it can be said that cannabis can be prescribed as a drug, not as a way to have a good time with no benefit to the human body.

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