U.S. Government Finally Admits Marijuana Really Does Kill Cancer Cells!




The U.S. government has always refused to admit that cannabis is able to kill cancer cells. Perhaps, that is the main reason why marijuana is not officially legalized in the countries throughout U.S.

However, nowadays, it seems that the cancer-destroying power of cannabis is no longer a conspiracy theory in U.S.

As Amy Willis from Metro.co.uk reports, the U.S. government has added a page on cannabis and cannabinoids’ use to the official cancer advice website.


Now, The National Cancer Institute says that cannabinoids can help the treatment of cancer’s side effects and those of cancer treatment, by drinking herbal teas, eating it in baked goods, smoking, or even spraying it under the tongue.

You can find a lot more information on marijuana health benefits on that side.

As they explain, it also possesses anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, and anticancerogenic properties, and alleviates muscle spasms related to multiple sclerosis.

Willis continues to say that these properties have already been suggested in several past studies.

“The National Institute on Drug Abuse”, which is a U.S. Federal Government Research Institute, revised their publications to indicate that cannabis can kill cancer cells, thus shrink brain tumors.

Cannabis is the most powerful herb which is able to treat various serious diseases without side effects.

It’s up to us to support this struggle in order to help the large number of people who can clearly benefits from this controversial herb.

Via Healthy Food House | PML Daily

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