Stop Drinking Low-Fat Milk Immediately – Said Harvard Scientists




Although the concept of veganism is criticized by many nutritionists, it seems that those following veganism are right about one thing – organic milk is much more useful than processed milk. A Harvard scientist and pediatrician claim that dairy products and conventional milk bring many health risks mostly because of the presence of sweeteners in them.

According to David Ludwig and his latest study published in the reputable Journal of the American Medical Association of Pediatrics, there are many types of research that have already proved the negative impact of The Dodo on our health.

As we are all aware, increased sugar intake can lead to diabetes, obesity, inflammation, and a few other medical conditions. That’s why many governmental and non-governmental agencies and organizations are advising people to avoid sugary beverages as much as they can.

However, there is one drink that is not on this list and this drink is actually promoted and favored by the same organizations and that’s low-fat milk. Mr. Ludwig doesn’t agree with that.

According to David Ludwig, there is a recommendation to drink 3 cups of low-fat milk on a daily basis and that’s wrong. Many Americans believe that by increased consumption of this type of milk, they are improving their overall health and especially their bone health.

In his opinion, by encouraging people to drink low-fat milk, the US Department of Agriculture is intentionally (or not) promoting the consumption of products that include added sugar. This is a very dangerous substitution of fats with risky sugars and their recommendations are actually controversial.

Mr. Ludwig says that the most dangerous combination is the consumption of chocolate low-fat milk because this is just another version of a sugar-sweetened drink that is recommended to children because of the presence of calcium in it. The fact is that calcium can be found in many other healthier and even tastier foods. Sardines, green leafy vegetables, beans, and cooked kale are some of the foods rich in calcium.

The Case Against Low-Fat Milk and Other Risks of Milk Consumption

Harvard scientist David Ludwig has highlighted some interesting facts against low-fat milk, but the fact is that there are many other proofs that full-fat milk and dairy products are much more useful than low-fat milk.

Numerous studies have confirmed the negative effects of trans-fats and processed polyunsaturated fats found in vegetable oils such as sunflower, soy, and corn. However, almost none of these studies were focused on saturated fat found in milk, coconut oil, and a few other foods. Saturated fat was considered to be something dangerous when it comes to human health, but David Wolfe revealed in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2010 showed that this type of fat cannot be linked with any health risks, especially not with cardiovascular disease as it was claimed before.

In addition, the number of benefits of using full-fat milk and dairy products is huge. Organic full-fat dairy has the potential to ease diabetes symptoms, improve heart health, improve the effects of vitamin absorption, help weight loss efforts, and protect the body from developing bowel cancer. Keep in mind that these things apply only to raw and organic milk. Conventional milk and dairy products come with certain health risks.

In case you are tempted to continue with conventional dairy consumption, take a closer look at the ingredients in it. Many people are unaware that some of them include more than two dozen types of painkillers, antibiotics, and other similar unnatural ingredients. If you enjoy dairy products, stick to their organic version.

Sources: David Wolfe Daily Mail, Today Health, Natural Society.

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