Showing Your Love to Your Partner in 5 Great Ways




Showing your love to your partner is a great thing. You can actually show your partner that you love them in many ways. It doesn’t always have to be the words “I love you”. The fire in relationships and the excitement partners feel usually wears off after some certain time period.

This is a thing that has probably made you wonder how to show your love and bring the love, passion, excitement, and warmth back into the relationship.

Showing Your Love

You can show your partner how much you actually love them and care for them by using these 5 secrets of seduction I have mentioned below:

1. Flirt. This is actually showing your love and affection through the process of seduction. It’s nice you send your loved person a message or an email or give a call while you are at work. By doing this you will show them that you care for them and you are thinking about them. It will also momentarily heighten your feelings towards them so you are eager to get back home and see him or her.

2. Candles. According to some ancient arts, like Feng Shui, the seduction candle is red and contains the ingredients: cedar, juniper, musk, and patchouli. It’s great to fill your room with scented candles from time to time and enjoy spending some romantic time with your partner just hugging each other and relaxing. Additional effort means even a lot more than this!

Showing Your Love Romantic

3. Food. A quite commonly known phrase about men is “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. However, this is also known to be the secret to successfully seducing women.  Prepare a classic, romantic surprise for your partner with lighted candles, wine, food, and nice music. It’s good to enjoy some foods that are considered to be aphrodisiacs such as walnuts, honey, figs, chocolate, chili, oysters, etc. This might heat up your loved one’s hormones.

4. Love Letters and Poems. Surprise your partner by writing them some nice love notes. You can also take inspiration from some love books and write a love poem for your partner leaving it under their sleeping pillow. This will warm up your affection and love towards each other in the bedroom and in your relationship.

5. Get Away. Use the weekends or free days to take some off time away with your partner. Getting away from everyday problems and distractions like kids or work will help you relax and nurture your relationship with your partner.Showing Your Love

Use these 5 techniques to show your love for your partner. The success is guaranteed. It will keep the love and affection both ways and strengthen the relationship with your partner by keeping them happy in the future!

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