Russian Expert Reveals: Here’s How to Restore Immunity in Just 15 Seconds




Check out this simple technique recommended by the popular Chinese therapy specialist from Moscow – Professor Dr. Sergey Bubnovsky.

The famous doctor specialized in Kinesiotherapy claims that this simple technique is able to stabilize the functioning of your immune system in less than 15 seconds!

According to Dr. Bubnovsky, in order to restore immunity fast you will need to perform the following things:

Once you come home from work and you can finally relax, pour a large bowl of cold, nearly icy water in the bathtub. Don’t use hot water at any time. After that, get in the bathtub barefoot and tap in the freezing water for up to 15 seconds. Feel free to dance while you are in the water.

Next, get out of the freezing water and use a dry rough towel to dry your feet and immediately after that put on a pair of wool socks.

It is the best idea to perform this method every night before bedtime and you will notice the positive effects after a few days. In case you are experiencing cough or colds, you can perform this procedure a few times a day (every four hours).

You should not worry about getting even sicker because this technique will make you stronger at least that’s what doctor Bubnovsky says.

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