Stop Pain, Bleeding, Itching, Swelling and Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Naturally at Home




There are several home remedies that can help you get rid of hemorrhoids naturally at home, and get relief from the pain and bleeding. These remedies can help bring major changes in your life.

Do those bowel movements feel like the glass is passing and you are bleeding profusely? Many patients do feel as if they are urinating blood for the entire period of the bowel movement. Even thinking of it can leave you feeling sick.

Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Naturally at Home

The following home remedies should help you get relief from this problem.

Garlic Cloves

Take some garlic cloves and grind them. Mix with coconut or olive oil and create small suppositories. You can also freeze them before use.

Insert it into your rectum whenever needed. Keep in mind that this remedy will sting badly. It may even bring some tears to your eyes. It will leave the area numb but will not cause any burns. But you will certainly get great benefits. You should try it to check its benefits.

Always Wear Clean Underwear

You should be changing your underwear regularly. This is more important if you suffer from bleeding, leakages, and small accidents. You should also carry spares at all times. The underwear should preferably be made in loose cotton fabrics for preventing sweating (which could cause itching).

Warm Sitz Bath

This bath should be taken three times daily for 15-20 minutes. It will help stop the itching, cleanse the anal fissures and hemorrhoids, reduce swelling, and heal. It is an efficient temporary treatment for external hemorrhoids. It is recommended to perform this treatment after you had your bowel movement. You should sit in a large basin/bath with warm water and salt. You may use salts like sea salt, Epsom salt, or cooking salt (or even simple warm water). You may also get a sitz bath from the pharmacist, which will allow you to get the bath while sitting on the toilet.

Stool Softeners

Use softeners such as ‘Colace’ for helping with defecation. It will make it easier for you to pass stools as it eliminates straining. If your hemorrhoids are swollen and bleeding, your stool should be too smooth. Otherwise, it can cause swelling and discomfort.

Frequent Clothing Changes

You should change your clothes regularly, more so if you usually wear pants. Keep in mind that leakages (whether blood, feces, or mucus), could pass through the undergarments and dirty your clothes. Many times you may not be able to see this because it has dried and will still have germs. The germs can spread through hands as everyone may touch the places you have been sitting in.

Ice Cubes

This remedy can be used in 2 ways:

  • You can inert small and smooth ice cubes into your anus for cooling and reducing swelling;
  • You can use the compress for external hemorrhoids for soothing them.

Aloe Vera

You can apply Aloe Vera on the area using cotton wool, soft tissue, or your fingers. You can start with 3 applications per day and when it improves, just once a day. Aloe Vera will not only heal the hemorrhoids, it will also give a soothing sensation.

Witch Hazel

Apply witch hazel using cotton wool, soft tissue, or witch hazel swab. Start with 3-times a day and then reduce to once. Many people are using this home remedy for hemorrhoids.

Foods Rich in Fibers

Eat raw and fresh fruits, veggies, and whole grains which are rich in fibers. The fibers will help in softening your stool and reducing strain. It is one of the earliest ways to the prevention of hemorrhoids. You should increase fiber intake gradually so that you don’t suffer from diarrhea and IBS.

Drink Water

Drinking more water will help in preventing dehydration. It will also prevent stool from becoming hard (a common cause behind hemorrhoids). You should stop drinking colas and sodas and drink water in their place.

You can drink flavored water by adding some fruits such as orange or lemon. The caffeine in colas and sodas can cause dehydration and harden your stool.


Consume 1/2 tsp nutmeg in the morning and before going to bed. Hemorrhoids patients are reported positive results from this remedy.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise will help improve your digestion and boost a slow bowel movement. Even walking can be a form of exercise.

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