Cracked Heels: My Neighbor is 57 Years Old and Her Feet are like 20 Years Old Girl! 

 January 5, 2016

By  Gabriela

The owner of a popular website claims that her 57-year-old neighbor has feet that look like feet of a 20-year-old girl. This is definitely something that we all want. The good news is that the owner of this website has the recipe that can help.

When cracked heels appear for the first time, people see them only as an aesthetic issue. However, in case you don’t take actions and you leave them untreated, these cracks will become much deeper and you can expect pain too. The pain is caused by the dirt that accumulates in the cracks and creates infections. That’s why it is highly recommended to take some measures as soon as possible.

cracked heels

The main reason why the skin on the feet gets thicker and results in poor blood circulation and flexibility is the occurrence of extra dead skin. A simple pumice stone or a file can help you eliminate this problem. If you want to get the best results, use these items right after you get out of the shower because the skin is very soft then.

Remember that dead skin cells can’t be eliminated with the help of a sharp item because you risk removal of healthy skin cells which eventually results in infections.

Once you eliminate the layer of dead skin located on the foot, you must nurture this area, so you can fully recover. In order to achieve this, feel free to use all kinds of creams like moisturizers and different natural remedies that can be prepared in your home.

Coconut oil and olive oil are good examples of ingredients that can help people recover from these treatments. Simply use your hands to rub these oils on your feet and leave them for an hour.

You can also treat your feet by preparing a foot bath that contains lime blossom, olive oil and/or rosemary. In this way you will support blood circulation. Don’t forget that cracked heals can be a source of many different health issues. Adequate care of the feet on a regular basis will make them healthier and more attractive.
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Blistering or Blisters

In cases when the skin on the feet becomes thickened and coarse because of extra pressure, friction or some other type of irritation (this is what usually happens when you have inadequate footwear), you can also expect the formation of blisters. They occur in the areas where the irritation is felt the most – for instance, right under the toe joints.


Corns represent thickened areas on the foot that come in different shapes and different colors – yellow, gray or white. In most cases, these formations occur on the outer side of the little toe or the big toe because this is where the irritation/pressure is the greatest. Soft corns is the name given to corns that appear between toes. The skin in this area is moistened and this is why the corns are soft.
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Get Rid of Cracked Heels

In case you are dealing with corns, calluses and/or cracks, try this natural recipe.

  • 250 ml of brandy or 70% strength of rubbing alcohol
  • Ten tablets of aspirin. You can also use andol.
  • First of all, take the aspirin or andol (300 mg) tablets and grind them well until you get powder.
  • Pour 250 ml of brandy over them and leave this mixture for 48 hours.

How to Use This Remedy?

  • Take the tincture, shake it well and soak a piece of gauze in it. Perform this before bedtime.
  • Place a compress directly on the heel (or wherever the problematic area is located) and use a nylon bag to wrap the foot. On top of that, you should put your socks on the foot. After that, you can go to sleep.
  • Once you wake up, use warm water to wash your foot and dry it with a towel. Use glycerin or some greasy leg cream after that.
  • Once you complete ten treatments, your foot should be free of all the aforementioned problems.
  • In addition, you can use a heel stone or heel brush to clean the foot and heels before you apply the cream.
  • It is good to point out that you can also heal varicose veins with this mixture. Just rub the painful area with the mixture and you will be able to ease or completely eliminate the pain.
  • Finally, this tincture can be used in cases of osteochondrosis too. Rub the painful area and the pain should be gone.

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