10 Things You Need to Remember if You Love Someone with Anxiety




Anxiety is a condition characterized by a feeling of inner restlessness, fear that something bad will happen accompanied by psychomotor tension and inner turmoil.

In case you love someone with anxiety and care about that person, you should know few things that will make you understand them better and make your relationship even better.

What You Need To Remember If You Love Someone with Anxiety

1. They are great persons

People with anxiety are people like everybody else. They can still be very interesting and fun. You don’t need to treat them like they are different or like they need special care.

2. This is not a limitation

Of course, anxiety is not something to be proud of, but it should not be viewed as some kind of limitation because anxious people can do all the things we do.

3. There are times when they need to “get away”

Just like introverts, there are situations and times when people dealing with anxiety need to get away from you and the rest of the world. They simply need some me-time to re energize and focus on the things that are important in their life.

4. Be prepared to be ignored

This should not offend you because people dealing with anxiety are not always interested for interaction. They just need some alone time to deal with the stress and fears.

5. Changes are difficult

We all know that changes are difficult for any person, but this is especially true for people who have to deal with anxiety. If you need to go through some big change, like relocation for example, you should be aware that this is something that may affect the behavior of the person you love and they can say or act in an unusual way, but you should definitely find a way to support them and be there for them.

6. Your company is very important

Although anxious people don’t show their emotions all the time and they may need some alone time, rest assured that they appreciate your company.


7. They don’t want other people to be worried if they start panicking

Regardless of the fact that your company matters, they don’t want anyone to be worried about their condition. There is a good chance that the anxious person you love has finally found a way to deal with this problem on their own and they don’t want you to be worried all the time.

8. They are well-aware of the fact that anxiety is more or less irrational

However, this doesn’t solve the problem. They certainly don’t like to hear things like “you are worried for no reason” or “you are acting weird” from you. They know that.

9. It doesn’t take much for them to get overwhelmed

So, in case you feel that they need some room, make sure to give them space. This won’t last for a long period of time.

10. They are much more than this condition

It is crucial to understand that these individuals are much more than persons with anxiety. They can still laugh, be fun and enjoy life. All they need is an honest support.

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