PISCES – December 2013 

 December 1, 2013

By  Gabriela

Pisces(Feb 19 – Mar 20)Love. What?!? You are in love?!? Again?!? Oh, those Pisces…In fact you always are…If you are not, your brain stops working. December will bring you a new partner that will change your life for good.  Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Scorpio are most likely to find the love of their life during December. These people will find in the new partner everything they haven’t found till this moment. All the above mentioned signs will be more optimistic and more enthusiastic, unlike before. Pisces are usually peaceful but in fact they can be big rebels. Don’t wake the rebel in Pisces – You will regret! December will be full of love, feelings, emotions and movie -like moments. But, you say to yourself – “I won’t believe it, till I experience it”. Pessimism or reality? Reality is not your advantage, so creativity will be your characteristic during December. Take advantage of it!

Health. It is high time you see a doctor. You feel well but, it’s no “waist” of time a check from time to time. When was the last time you’ve seen a doctor? In fact, you need a heart – and – soul – doctor control. Is there any?!?

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A mom of two with a background in journalism, I took health into my own hands and started researching to find answers to my own health struggles. My research turned into a blog that turned into an amazing community (starring you!).When I'm not reading medical journals, creating new recipes, you can find me somewhere outside in the sun or undertaking some DIY remodeling project that inevitably takes twice as long as it was supposed to.

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