AQUARIUS – December 2013




Aquarius(Jan 20 – Feb 18)Love. You will fight with your partner A LOT! Don’t DO THAT! He will try to help you as much as he can, but he cannot do your assignments instead of you! Also, he cannot do EVERYTHING AT THE SAME TIME! Try to understand him and help him with his tasks. He/she is crazy about you and doing his/her best. Those who are single will meet the love of their life and will soon get married. A pregnancy is a possibility, also. December is a good month for you, for enlarging the family and for starting a new relationship also. You are very likely to move from one city to another because of changing your job place. The stars and the planets will help you achieve everything you wish in December especially in the love field. Don’t throw away this chance for happiness!

Health. You feel melancholic….It’s the weather! Drink more fruit juices, eat nuts and eat honey every morning. This will compensate the energy that you have lost during November. December will convey even more enthusiasm, but only when the month ends.

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