CANCER – December 2013




Cancer(Jun 21 – Jul 22) – LoveDear Mr. /Ms. Sensitive! You will be very excited in December in every field of your life. But love will be offered on every corner. You will be full of emotions and beautiful moments with your partner. Also, a short trip is possible. Your partner (if you are in a relationship) will be very caring and will show his love every minute of the time you spend together. Those who are single will unfortunately, stay single because they want know which “option” to choose. Don’t be pathetic! Is it better to be alone instead of being emotionally stable and in a relationship?!? Who can understand you Mr. Cancer? You seem to be very simple, but in fact you are very demanding. You will be excessively demanding in December. But, only in December will you succeed to find the love of your life. So, open your eyes!

Health. Your heart is very sensitive and cardiac disorders are very possible. Headaches will be your “everyday life” and stomach aches, also. Avoid eating hot peppers!

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