Lemon and Baking Soda Miraculous Combination: 10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemotherapy! 

 June 10, 2014

By  Gabriela

The combination of lemon and baking soda has 10,000 more of the effect than chemotherapy! However, this fact is still kept as a top secret by many world health organizations.

The fact why is this so and why the secret isn’t shared with people lays in the selfish competition to protect many very large healthcare corporations.

How Lemon and Baking Soda Can Help To Cure Cancer

It is scientifically proven that the lemon has Healthline. It has a strong effect in a healing of cysts and tumors. It can heal a lot of cancer kinds. This powerful effect of this can become even more powerful, if combined with adding of baking soda, because of its feature for establishing of pH balance.

The lemon has a wide spectrum of beneficial effects. It is a powerful anti-depressant, because it acts positively on the nerve system, making it great dealer with stress.

It also regulates the blood pressure, leading an effective fight with inner parasites, and also has an effect in a healing of different bacterial and fungoid infections and many other beneficial effects on health.

However, his largest and most spread power is the fight with as much as 12 kinds of cancer. The lemon expeditiously stops the metastasis of cancer cells, without damaging the healthy cells and the surrounding tissues. It is even proved that it does it 10,000 more powerful and faster than all other drugs and narcotic products part of chemotherapy.

This irrefutable fact is proven by many experiments, in patients sick of diagnosed cancer. They all had consumed lemon juice and a spoon of baking soda. This mix has no negative indications in the proper medical treatment in carrying out of chemotherapy.

Mention: We have to clarify that the lemon MUST be organic, without any chemicals. Organic lemon is 100 times more efficient compared to the lemon breed with chemical fertilizers and various chemicals.

Note: Beside this realization supported with factual evidence, there isn’t any written medical prove, supporting the efficiency of the mix of lemon and baking soda in medical therapy.

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Lemon and Baking Soda Anti-Cancer Formula

  • maple syrup,
  • honey and molasses,
  • organic lemon and
  • baking soda.

Dr. Sircus, in his book, has explained in a documented way the healing of his patients sick of prostate cancer and with a large metastasis of his bones.

The first day, his patient, took 1 spoon of baking soda and 1 spoon of molasses in one clear glass of water, once in the day. This procedure was repeated for 3 days.

The result was the following: the pH level of the saliva was 7.0; the pH level of his urine has shown to be 7.5.

Encouraged by the results gained, he did the following: in the first 5 days, he took 1 spoon, 2 times a day of the mix. From the 6 to the 10th day, he took 2 spoons 2 times a day.

After the 10 day therapy, the pH level of the patient was measured, rising to 8.5. But, there were also side effects as a headache and night sweating.

Baking Soda and pH Chart

In the regular medical examinations and tests that followed after, respectively the bone scanning, the results were the following: his PSA (prostate-specific antigen), i.e. the protein used to determine the seriousness of the increased prostate cancer, his level went down from 22.3 at the point of diagnosis to 0.1.

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Another Home Recipe Against Cancer

Another homemade recipe for people sick of cancer is a mixture of 90 spoons of maple syrup and 30 spoons of baking soda. This is a medicine for 10-day therapy.

The preparing is the following: you heat up maple syrup and add the spoons of baking soda, constantly mixing, for a full dissolving. 5-7 spoons a day are consumed.

Regardless of the positive effect of lemon and baking soda, it is necessary to pronounce that baking soda increases the pH level, but with this can also cause metabolic alkalosis and electrolyte imbalance. With causing of edema, it can cause direct influence on the heart’s functioning and blood pressure.

Therefore, before you start using any of these two home healing recipes, a consultation with your oncologist is necessary.


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