Lanzones – Tropical Fruit with Many Health Benefits




Known by its scientific name, lansium domesticum, the fruit is widely grown in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. As a fruit growing from a tree species that is related to the Mahogany, the fruit is oval or slightly round in shape and has a sweet to sour taste.

Lanzones are characterized by yellow to light brown peel and it grows in clusters. The natives are known to consume the fruit raw while others can consume it when canned or candied. As a fruit derived from nature, it has several benefits.

Lanzones - Tropical Fruit with Many Health Benefits

Rich in vitamin B

Vitamin B also known as riboflavin is an important protein that helps in the conversion of carbs into energy therefore ensuring the health of the body.

As one of the health benefits of lanzones, it’s a water soluble nutrient and not produced by the body therefore the body is unable to store it.

The nutrient helps in the prevention of cataracts, which ensures the health of an individual.

Apart from that, the vitamin helps to prevent migraine attacks therefore relieving one from the extreme pain.

Rich in fiber

The fruit is rich in fiber but when consuming it, you need to throw the seeds away as they are bitter when eaten. Fiber is very beneficial to the body as it helps to prevent constipation, which helps ensure bowel movement continues.

When one consumes food and fiber lacks in the diet, it leads to constipation therefore inhibiting bowel movement. When one tries to pass stool, it usually leads to a painful experience and sometimes blood is drawn.

Rich in antioxidants

The fruit is rich in antioxidants especially Vitamin A which help to fight free radicals that cause damage to body cells. Free radicals are unstable and highly reactive chemicals, which are known to harm body cells. They are usually created when a molecule or atom gains or loses an electron.

When harm occurs on body cells, they become injured therefore leading to various ailments and diseases such as cancer. Therefore, antioxidant rich supplements as one of the health benefits of lanzones are used in cancer therapy. Apart from that, vitamin A is known to be vital in ensuring the health of the largest organ, the skin. When one consumes Vitamin A rich foods, their skin will glow and ensure the health of skeletal tissues.

Rich in Vitamin B1

Thiamine or Vitamin B1 helps one to correct metabolic disorders in the body. Metabolic disorders are associated with genetic diseases such as Leigh’s diseases, maple syrup urine disease and others. Vitamin B1 intake helps to prevent Thiamine deficiency.

Vitamin B1 helps to decrease the risk and symptoms of a specific brain disorder, known as Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. It also helps to reduce occurrence of kidney disease as it eliminates the existence of albumin.

Rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a vital nutrient in the body and it helps in collagen production. It is useful in healing of wounds of all types such as cuts, broken bones, burns and recovery from surgical wounds. Vitamin C is also important in the protection of the skin from damage, which is brought about by exposure to ultraviolet ray from the sun.

The nutrient is known to promote the strength of the immune system therefore ensuring that the body has a mechanism to defend it against disease causing agents such as viruses and bacteria.

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