The Real Reason for The Pain: How The Spine is Connected to The Inner Organs




Problems related to the spine frequently lead to pain and problems in other body parts which look like they don’t have anything in common with the spine. This is when we usually start treating the affected area and obviously, we miss the results. That’s why it is very important to take special care of our spine.

In case you are experiencing back pain, the problem in the spine can be easily located and you will also easily identify the problems you have in other organs and body parts. The photo we are sharing will help you understand how each of our organs is related to the spine.

Doctors who practice osteopathy claim that 2/3 of headaches are caused by certain problems with the spine. Vision problems, unusual sounds, pressure in the ears, and problems while swallowing are some of the issues that might be caused by the improper functioning of the intervertebral discs located on the neck.

Those who experience pain and have rigid hands must check the spine around the neck.

The problems related to the thoracic area of the spine usually result in chest pain, heartache, stomach problems, and pain in the intestines.

Those who have problems in the lumbar spine part can expect lower back problems and pain that occur in the thighs and hips.

This means that the healing and strengthening of our spine can help any individual solve the problems that occur in other body parts and organs.

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