Sad Face – You Are Sad!…Are You In Love?




Pure meaning of love feeling. Are you sad?

Hmm…A smile on your face, a shine in your eyes, butterflies in your stomach… Yeah… ”Congratulations!” or “Good luck!”?! You are in love and you want this feeling to last forever…

You experience a happy moment with your partner; you imagine the future, you wish to grow old together, touch the eternity, but, in this big happiness, this glorious moment may be spoiled by the feeling of fear, melancholy, simultaneously. Do you have this feeling all the time?!

A Flash of feeling of how transient this moment is..?! You want to have this moment all the time. How beautiful is he/she: a teenage – like body, sweet face. You understand each other without words, a silent speech, easy commutation. Oh, How easy is to be together?!You get this feeling all the time, but then…

Oops…At the edge of your happiness – a nagging sadness… Deep inside of you, you have a growing pain, a feeling of loss and painful loneliness – sad…sad…SAD!!!

Sad Womans FaceAnd, at the end, sad again? Emptiness… SHOCKING!!!  Somehow, no matter how happy life is, there is always an element of sadness. You can stay without all that that represents your love and sharing; meaning of existence and human being; without someone who has “touched” of your life; someone who is the ”sense” of yourself. Sad again?! So, watch out!!!

Meaning and expectations

There is a great essay by Sigmund Freud called a “Transit”. He  compares life with a wonderful and enchanting garden filed expanse of living nature, greenery, plants, freshness. Maximum fulfillment of good feeling and suddenly – Despair and Sadness …. Question to question, because this “Beauty” cannot last. Because this life must die. Because every life has an end: trees, plant, wildlife….

Maybe that also happens to love and every good feeling must end. Sad?! Why?!  When we are in love, fully transferred to one person, we are dreaming with eyes fully open, with expectation and fear of misunderstanding. Instead of taking in the welfare, we are plagued with countless questions like: “How long…”, “What if…”, “What would be like if…”, “When will it disappear…” As well as: “As if it didn’t happen”, and then, “What do I do wrong…”, and “What is right…”, “What is wrong…” and many more…

Strange, but it makes you feel nostalgic about something that you haven’t lost, because you think you haven’t preserved  it properly. You have grabbed it with your hands to keep it, with fear not to lose it, and you are afraid that if you press harder, you will smash it. It will be gone…

And suddenly, you do “Transit”. You might need to let it go, without pressing. You just must think that without it, life is going on. That there is no need to squeeze it so tight, nor to pretend that you don’t care about it. Running away from us, from me…I don’t know if I can accept this!?!

I think that a strong sense of continued existence is when we filed our minds with positive thoughts, songs, and convictions. We must not allow “this” to happen. To eliminate this expectation. To keep what is ours, what we desperately need. It is selfish, isn’t it?! What is the meaning of sentences: “I will not let him/her go!”

“I will make it this moment ”forever”, or “At least I can try…?”


Release you mind, your heart, and your expectations. Set free the balance of your existence, the balance of your beloved, the person you care.  Let it last as long it is possible. Fear reduces expectation, so why the need to spoil your feelings….You give love, you get love and only then will you really love deeply, purely, honestly and elevated. You are in passionate way of life – the only thing love needs!

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