Cinnamon Vs. Ibuprofen For Primary Menstrual Pain




Pain killers can certainly help you eliminate pain, but they have many dangerous side effects. There are many natural alternatives that are healthier, safer and equally effective.

A recent study has shown that cinnamon powder is very useful in cases of painful menstrual periods especially among college age girls.

The study that was published in the reputable Clinical and Diagnostic Research was focused on the comparison of cinnamon and Ibuprofen effects for taking care of primary dysmenorrhea (painful periods).

This study was conducted by Iranian researchers who tested the effects of 400 mg of Ibuprofen, 420 mg of cinnamon and placebo in three different groups that consisted of 38 women. The researchers have observed and analyzed the duration and intensity of pain in all women and here’s what they have concluded.

They have found out that duration and intensity of pain was significantly reduced in the groups that have used Ibuprofen or cinnamon.

However, it is good to point out that in the first four hours there were no important differences between the effects of placebo and cinnamon. The situation has changed after eight hours when the cinnamon group experienced significant relief compared to the placebo group. Depending on the time when the pain was monitored, Ibuprofen has provided much better results compared to placebo and Cinnamon.

So, the final conclusion is that cinnamon is perfectly safe and efficient way to treat primary dysmenorrhea. The scientists are encouraging other researchers to continue studying the effects of cinnamon on primary menstrual pain.

But, why do we believe that cinnamon is a better option than Ibuprofen?

This pharmaceutical drug comes with many side effects and according to some experts; ibuprofen is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people a year due to its negative effects on our cardiovascular health.

Cinnamon Vs. Ibuprofen For Menstrual PainOn the other hand, various studies have confirmed that cinnamon has a great potential at least when it comes to this condition. Cinnamon doesn’t produce any cardiovascular side effects. Actually, this spice has the ability to balance blood pressure and stabilize blood sugar levels. In other words, it improves the health of this system.

When it comes to menstrual bleeding, we should also mention that another clinical trial has confirmed that cinnamon use lead to reduced menstrual bleeding in women of different ages. Don’t forget that you can always use cinnamon in a combination with Ibuprofen.

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