How to Make Organic Butter in Less Than 5 Minutes





You have probably heard that the butter bought from ordinary grocery stores is not very healthy and the main reason for that is the fact that is made from processed (pasteurized) milk.


On the other hand, organic butter made at home is quite healthy because it has almost all the minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients which raw milk contains.


Homemade organic butter is rich in Vitamin A.

This vitamin comes with many benefits for your vision, tissues, skin, and cells, even for your teeth.

It also supports the process of gene transcription.

The structure of this organic butter is simple and it contains medium and short-chain fatty acids.

Many studies have confirmed that fatty acids improve the immune system and prevent cancer formation.

How To Prepare Organic Butter


  • Two cups of organic heavy cream.
  • Sea salt (to give a flavor).


Use a food processor to process the cream. After ten minutes, the cream will become thicker. Continue with the processing and wait until the cream becomes grainy. In this way, you can divide the buttermilk from the butter with simple draining.

Scrape and collect the butter from the processor and place it in a bowl. Scrape butter from the sides.  Put in a clean bowl.  Place your butter into a strainer in order to strain off the buttermilk. Use cold water to clean the butter.

When the butter is rinsed, use a spoon or wooden paddles to extract the liquid left in it. Store the butter in a bowl or jar and place it in the fridge. You can also use the freezer.

The shelf life of The Organic Kitchen is very long (about several months).

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