This Oncology Nurse Quit Her Job to Expose the Truth about Cancer




Valerie Warwick is an oncology nurse that has decided to spend the rest of her life providing tips and information to cancer patients. What makes her work interesting is the fact that she did not start this mission in order to bash the currently accepted treatments of cancer.

Actually, she is convinced that some of these treatments are very efficient if they are combined with a proper diet. Mrs. Warwick has spent years with patients dealing with cancer. What she figured out over all these years is that the treatments have exhausted the patients and their systems lack some of the essential nutrients after several treatments.

It looked like their situation was getting worse because they were starved. Taking care of crucial nutrient intake will speed up the recovery and increase their chances for elimination of this vicious disease.

Mrs. Warwick’s story related to cancer started once she found out that her parents are suffering from cancer too. She was taking full care of her parents, but unfortunately, she could not do much for her parents.

This is the moment when she decided to begin her nursing career. She was determined to help people overcome this disease. After a while, Valerie became aware of the fact that the treatments that were practiced by most doctors were based on many dangerous toxic chemicals.

Seven years ago, when one of her closest friends died because of cancer, Valerie lost her confidence in conventional medicine and cancer treatment. She has learned more about alternative medicine and nutrition. She has personally tested and researched many natural lifestyles. She finally noticed some significant positive results in one of her patients and started using the same natural regimen to other cancer patients.

This is also the time when she learned that many nurses and doctors know about these natural regimens, but they cannot speak publicly because they can lose their jobs.

She was very disappointed from the fact that hundreds of doctors and nurses are not stepping up and telling the truth. She started thinking about the thousands of lives that could’ve been saved including her parents.

This Oncology Nurse Quit Her Job to Expose the Truth about Cancer

At this point, she had enough of this hypocrisy and quit her job after being an oncology nurse for more than 17 years. Valerie decided to spend her life, teaching others that there are other treatment options that are much safer and even more efficient than the conventional ones.

Of course, this is not an easy task and Valerie was prepared for that. There are many so-called studies about the efficiency of certain foods and natural remedies that are not based on science and Valerie knows how to separate the verified ones from the ones that are pure speculations.

She became familiar with the Gerson Therapy and found that there are many doctors like Dr. Weil who are following integrative medicine.

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