7 Simple Ways to Unclog Your Arteries Naturally




If you are like most people then you probably want to live a healthy and long life. But, are you aware of the fact that by consuming some simple foods you will be able to protect the body and in many cases reverse the most common cause of death today?

If we take a close look at the numbers, we will notice that atherosclerosis or the progressive clogging of our arteries is the most common cause of death on our world. This is a very complex process that occurs due to dietary issues, autoimmune diseases, infections and other factors (some of them still unknown).

Modern medicine believes that this process cannot be stopped and they believe that it can only be prolonged. However, recent studies suggest that arthrosclerosis is not only fully preventable, but also reversible (in some cases).

Here’s what a recently published research has shown:

1. Garlic – It seems that people were right to use garlic for heart health for centuries. Garlic can revert the accumulation of plaque in the arteries and in addition, it provides many other health benefits not only for this part of our body.

2. B Vitamins – This is another simple addition in our diet that has proven to be helpful against heart disease.

A scientific study that took place 10 years ago and published in the reputable Atherosclerosis magazine has confirmed that by using 25 mg of vitamin B6, 2.5 mg of folic acid and half a milligram of Vitamin B12 for about one year can lead to a major reduction in the thickness of arteries. What is even more interesting is that folic acid (niacin) alone has similar effects. It is best to avoid semi-synthetic or synthetic supplements and use only natural products that contain B-complex.

3. Fermented Cabbage – The famous Korean recipe known as Kimchi is based on fermented cabbage, fermented fish, hot pepper and few other ingredients. This food has proven to be effective in stopping the progress of atherosclerosis in animal subjects. In addition, Kimchi contains structures of good bacteria that are able to dissolve toxic compounds that can bring more harm to the body.

4. Pomegranate – This is a fruit that has been used for healing since ancient times. However, now we have scientific proof that pomegranate is able to revert the accumulation of plaque in the arteries. In addition, it comes with more than a dozen of health benefits.

5. Turmeric/Curcumin – The popular Indian spice known as turmeric contains a polyphenol called curcumin. This active ingredient comes with strong protective properties for human heart. More than 30 scientific studies have confirmed that. One of these studies has concluded that curcumin have completely prevented the expected damage caused by blockage.

7 Simple Ways to Unclog Your Arteries Naturally

6. L-Arginine – L-Arginine is an amino acid that can prevent the thickening of arteries (a reduction of up to 25%). These effects were tested on animals. L-Arginine was observed in many studies and more than 30 studies have confirmed that it comes with more than 150 health benefits. One of these health benefits is its ability to help people who have problems with endothelial dysfunction.

7. Sesame Seed – You will probably be surprised to hear that sesame seed comes with effects that are completely the same as Tylenol when it comes to pain related to arthritis. In addition, sesame seed does wonders for the protection of our heart. It can stop the progress of atherosclerosis. A study conducted on animals has shown that it can prevent the formation of atherosclerosis lesion.

Keep in mind that this is only a part of the natural remedies that can help people with cardiovascular diseases and that all of them have been tested clinically. There were dozens of such studies that have confirmed the positive effects of different foods and spices on cardiovascular health.

Don’t forget that heart disease is not something that occurs naturally and that we have to acknowledge the fact that we will probably deal with such problems if some of our family members has the same problem. The lifestyle we practice especially what we eat has a serious impact on our health. Instead of eating food that brings health risks, stick to foods that cna be used as medicines. Forget the pharmaceutical drugs and preserve your health with good nutrition.

Via Green Med Info

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