Here’s What Happens When You Tap These Points on Your Body




With the help of your fingers, you can tap specific energy points located in the body. With this practice you will ease emotional upset, soothe pain and in some cases lose weight. This tapping technique is very simple and the best part is that you can perform it no matter where you are whenever you feel anxiety or mild/minor pain and you will get fast relief. This technique works in two ways. First of all, this is a simple form of acupressure. Second, it is a form of self-help psychology.

Here’s What Happens When You Tap These Points on Your Body

How Does Acupressure Work?

Acupressure is the name given to an alternative medicine procedure for treating pain and other health issues with the help of fingers which are pressed on certain points all over the body. In this way, we support our body in its efforts to solve the problem. This technique is more than 5 millennia old and it was first used in Asia. Today, it is practiced all over the world and it isveyr popular among people who prefer natural, alternative healing methods.

It is good to point out that the intensity and rhythm used in acupressure is different – from gentle kneading focused on large muscles to rapid shiatsu massage. Acupressure is most commonly used on the head and face area because this is where most of our nerve endings can be found. By practicing acupressure on the body and following some rhythm, people can also trigger a soothing response in the body in order to lower stress levels.

Our Body Has Energy Meridians

When you touch the skin’s surface, you trigger energy centers located beneath the skin. When the body is exposed to trauma, this energy is stuck. It doesn’t really matter if we are talking about emotional or physical traumas. Acupressure triggers and supports energy flow in order to break the blockage and bring harmony and balance in the body.

Traditional Chinese medicine claims that there are 12 energy meridians in every human being. Acupressure applied along any of these meridians unleashes energy which goes all over the body. This flow of energy is crucial for proper blood flow and bodily functions.

Show Your Feelings Through Self Talk

Expressing and showing feelings that block the energy is one of the most important elements of Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT). Besides tapping, people get a chance to verbally express what is causing problems. When you say these problems aloud, you will ease the tension and feel more relaxed.

Once you tell the world what leads to stress, depression or angriness, you should say something calming. Acceptance of yourself is vital for the healing. Don’t forget to talk about all the things that are bothering you while you are tapping.

There are The Steps for Emotionally Focused Therapy

1. Express The Problem and Tap The Hand

The process starts by saying aloud what is the cause of the problem that results in distress. For instance, if you are preparing yourself for some upcoming exam you probably feel stressed. Say something like this aloud – I know that this is a stressful experience, but I have learned a lot and even if I don’t get what I want it is not the end of the world.

When you say these words aloud don’t forget to use the fingers from the left hand and tap the fleshy edge of the right hand just under the pinky finger (or vice versa). You can perform this tapping with one finger or with all five fingers. Repeat what you have said for three times and tap the hand all the time.

2. Tapping on The Eyebrow

Locate the inner edge of the eyebrow and start tapping this area. You can use your right or left eyebrow. Find which side is easier. When you perform this procedure, share the emotions you have aloud. For instance, if we use the same example you can say – I feel stressed because this exam is important for me. Do this for about ten seconds.

3. Tapping on The Outer Eye

Start tapping the outer eye corner right on the bone just under the eyebrow hair. Once again, choose the side on your own. Express your feelings aloud and say something like this – I am a little bit worried I might forget some things I’ve learned.

4. Tapping The Bone Under The Eye

Locate the bone under the eye and start tapping. Be honest and share your feelings. For instance, say – I am very tired and continue tapping for about ten seconds.

5. Tapping Under The Nose

Use the tapping technique between the nose and lip. Share more of your feelings and say “What if I fail?”.

6. Tapping The Chin

Perform tapping under the bottom lip for about ten seconds and speak about your feelings. For instance, say things like “Is it possible to finish this task sucessfully?”.

7. Tapping The Collarbone

Use any side of the body to tap your fingers on the collarbone for ten seconds. This time, say something different related to your feelings – The clock is ticking.

8. Tapping Under The Arm

Tap your finger on the area located about 2 inches under the armpit and express your deepest feelings. Say something like I feel that I am under a lot of pressure.

9. Tapping The Crown of The Head

This is the last tapping your will perform. Speak about the things that lead to this stress – I feel pressured because this exam is important.

10. Breathe in and Breathe Out Slowly

The author of the popular book The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence, Jessica Ortner, has explained the basic rules of tapping focused on the upper part of the body in the video below. The book she wrote is explaining the emotional roots of gaining weight and the efficiency of tapping technique.

Even though this ancient technique is able to unleash the energy that is blocked in a fast manner and you can practice it anywhere, it is also a good idea to seek for professional help from people who have experience in this field.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique relies on tapping as a type of effective psychological therapy. EFT is becoming very popular, so you should not find it difficult to locate good EFT practitioner in your area.

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