25 Etiquette Rules That Everyone Should Know




Good manners or etiquette is a term used to describe appropriate and polite behavior. Sadly, a huge number of people believe that following this protocol of behavior is shameful and unrealistic because they are often followed by elitists.

As a matter of fact, the principles of etiquette are quite simple. This customary code includes common courtesy, the culture of proper speech, neat and clean appearance, and restrained emotions. We will now highlight a list of etiquette rules that are a must for every individual who respects themselves and others.

#1. In case you invite someone out, this means that you will take care of the bill. But, this rule applies only if say “I’ll take you out on a dinner”. In case you say that you’ve been thinking about how you were wondering if anyone wants to go to a restaurant, then this means that every person should pay for the food and drinks they have.

#2. You should never visit someone at their home without making a call. In case you appear on their front door all of a sudden, you may find them in their pajamas or bathrobe.

#3. Never place your smartphone or tablet on the table when you are out. This gesture shows that your smartphone is more important than the meeting you have and people may think that you are bored. Most people will be offended if you are checking Facebook’s news feed while they are talking. That’s rude!

#4. Don’t ask a woman on a date in case you are planning to make calls and send text messages all the time.

#5. Men should never carry a woman’s bag. On the other hand, they may take her coat and leave it in the cloakroom.

#6. In case you are having a walk with any person (partner, friend, relative, coworker, etc.) and your companion says Hello to someone you don’t know, you should say hello too.

#7. The vast majority of people think that sushi must be eaten with the help of chopsticks. But, this is not always the case. Men can consume sushi with the help of their hands.

#8. Make sure that your footwear is always clean.

#9. Don’t get involved in empty conversations on your phone. In case you feel that you need to hang out with your friends, simply go out and meet them.

#10. In case you get offended by someone, you should not offend them back or start talking louder. You are better than them. Simply smile and leave the scene.

#11. A man with good manners must walk on the left-hand side of their female companion. The only exception is military men because they salute with the right hand.

#12. Car drivers must know that splashing pedestrians with water is a very bad thing to do.

#13. There are exactly nine things that must be kept secret – wealth, age, religion, family quarrels, affairs, medical issues, honor, gifts, and disgrace.

#14. When you are in the theater, cinema, or in a concert hall, move to the seat facing those sitting.

#15. Women should not be touched by men without their strict permission. In other words, taking a woman by her hand, holding her hand, pushing her, or touching her while you are talking is strictly forbidden.

#16. In case someone is trying to get your attention in a primitive way (by saying something like “Hey, you there”, ignore them.

#17. When it comes to using perfumes, moderation is crucial. In case you still feel the perfume after 2-3 hours, you can rest assured that people around you will get sick of it.

#18. A polite man will show adequate respect to any woman.

#19. Men can smoke in front of other women only if they allow them.

#20. It doesn’t really matter whether you are a CEO, a professor, a student, a doctor, or an older woman, whenever you enter some room you must greet everyone inside.

#21. The privacy of correspondence should be respected all the time. Even parents should not have access to the letters of their children. The same goes for couples who receive emails.

#22. Fashion is important, but you should not be the first one to follow all the trends. It is always a good idea to wear beautiful things even if they don’t look very trendy, then to look ridiculous just because something is considered fashionable.

#23. In case you apologize for something that you’ve said or done and your apology is accepted, avoid the cause of the incident in the future.

#24. Never talk or laugh very loudly. In addition, don’t stare at other people – that’s s rude.

#25. Remember to say thank you to the people you love, your family, and friends whenever they help you with something. They want to know that you appreciate them. Don’t take their help for granted.

The reason why there are etiquette rules is to make the world a better place. Having good manners is not a difficult task; it just takes patience and time to master these basic rules.

Via Power of Positivity

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