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If you perform quick research, you will notice that there are many articles dedicated to vitamin C on the Internet. The majority of these articles recommend taking high amounts of vitamin C.

However, there are still many people who don’t recognize the importance of ATS and don’t know its basic function. The fact is that vitamin C taken in large amounts acts as a medicine, not only as a useful supplement that can help us prevent diseases.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that there are many people including some people who like to call themselves alternative health specialists that claim that ascorbic acid is harmful and should only be used from a proven natural source like berries and citrus fruits that come with bioflavonoids, compounds that can easily process this vitamin.

However, people who have some knowledge in the orthomolecular field, or a limited community of doctors and health care practitioners who work with high amounts of supplements in order to heal diseases, point out that ascorbic acid is nothing else than regular Vitamin C. The majority of animals create their own vitamin C with the help of the liver. Unfortunately, humans lost this ability a long time ago. C6H8O6 is the chemical formula for vitamin C.

C stands for carbon, H stands for hydrogen and O stands for oxygen and this is exactly what ascorbic acid looks like too. According to some practitioners, the one produced by Vitamin C Foundation is the best.

This ascorbic acid doesn’t originate from China, like the majority of ascorbic acid products today and it is not associated with GMO corn. This is a pharma-grade ascorbic acid that comes from Europe.

Learning More About Vitamin C

(Without the Help of Pharmaceutical Mafia)

Two authors with exceptional knowledge in the field of orthomolecular medicine (relying on high amounts of supplements as opposed to using pharmaceuticals) have written the most comprehensive book about vitamin C. This book is equally useful for both beginners and specialists in this field.

The content of this book is very interesting and questions modern widely accepted views on vitamins. According to Bo Jonsson, MD and Ph.D. at Karolinska Institute in Sweden, this book can also open your eyes and teach you what vitamin C is actually capable of.

On the other hand, Adrianne Harun has published a detailed review of this book and says that the descriptions and details related to vitamin C in this book are amazing. She claims that people will feel sorry for why they have not used more of this vitamin in the past. The book is called Vitamin C: The Real Story and it was created by Andrew Saul, Ph.D., and Steve Hickey, Ph.D.

According to Dr. Saul, high amounts of ascorbic acid that is not IV or liposomal can do wonders for our health. You can check his interview below. Dr. Saul also talks about the effects of this acid on infant children based on his friend’s experience.

He also used ascorbic acid on himself. He used an amazingly high amount of ascorbic acid that doesn’t come with liposomal lipid encapsulation. But, the truth is that all the symptoms of pneumonia he experienced were eliminated in about three hours. In addition, an infant in a very bad situation was also given high amounts of ascorbic acid and the results were amazing. So, vitamin C can do many other helpful things for us. It turns out that bowel tolerance has increased and modern people need more ascorbic acid to feel positive effects.

According to official statistics, pneumonia is among the top ten deadly diseases in the world. The majority of CDC fake yearly flu death numbers are the result of flu problems that result in pneumonia. Dr. Andrew Saul has his own website called Doctor Yourself where people can find useful information about every supplement that they are interested in.

During World War II and the decade after the end of this horrific event, polio was a very frequent disease. This is when Medical Doctor Frederick Robert Klenner from North Carolina healed pneumonia and polio in his office and a local hospital. Thanks to his experience with different patients he managed to come to a conclusion that was officially presented at an AMA conference in 1949, but the public ignored it.

According to Dr. Klenner, if we use vitamin C in adequate quantities, we can eliminate every virus organism. You should not expect positive results by taking only 400 mg of vitamin C. He also pointed out that there are many physicians who don’t want to use ascorbic acid even when their patients are literally dying.

Dr. Frederick Kenner presented how he uses vitamin C to heal a few different diseases and his reports and notes after three decades of using special vitamin C treatments.

But, that’s not all. You can also read the work of Irwin Stone, a famous biochemist that was doing research on vitamin C for more than 4 decades. His book dedicated to this incredible vitamin is called The Healing Factor and you can find it via Vitamin C Foundation.

It is very likely that you have never heard about these experts and their work and we can blame Big Pharma and mainstream media for that. The only way in which they are mentioned is in a negative context and we often hear so-called experts who claim that consumption of certain vitamin supplements can be dangerous.

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