Will You Marry Me?!?




(The ”Pumpkin Proposal’’)

You’ve been in a relationship with your girlfriend for year and a half (more or less) and you feel like you should go a step further- a proposal. But, you wonder what would be the best way to do that (or the most extravagant one)…

A man proposed his girlfriend with a pumpkin, believe it or not! He put a wedding ring in a pumpkin on Halloween. The day before Halloween, he suggested her to disguise themselves for the festival to come in bride and groom. When the night fell, he gave her the pumpkin with the ring in it, ” seasoned” with the famous question ” Will you marry me? ” . She answered with a dozen of humor: ‘‘Yes, I give you my witch word! ” . The crowed went into a hilarious laugh.PumpkinThis is an extraordinary way to propose to your girlfriend. Or, you can use another festival, such as the Thanksgiving Day and propose to your girlfriend with the ring in the turkey. Even, you can do it for the Christmas Eve and put the ring in the dinner apple pie. Another option is her birthday: You can put the ring in the birthday cake with a note ” Happy Birthday, and by the way, Will You Marry Me?!? ”

An English teacher in Mississippi proposed his girlfriend (also an English teacher), with an exam paper of a student. He asked his girlfriend to cheque the exam because he had no time.  The first question in the exam was the following:

The answer of the question ”Will you marry me?” is:

a. Yes, I will;

b. Yes, of course I will;

c. Yes, what took you so long to ask me? ;

d. No.

Note: All the answers are true, except ”d”, which is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!

What do you think, what was her answer???

Anyway, you can give us suggestions on this site regarding this ”proposal thing” and we will be happy to include you in further discussion.

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