The Prisoners’ Wives: Love or Fear of Being Alone?




A Wedding from a Fairy Tale.

Cinderella’s carriage turns into a pumpkin – the princess’ castle turns into jail! The procedure of getting married in jail is quite simple. In most of the cases, the prisoners are already married, but if not, the wedding takes place in the jail facility in the following circumstances:

The prisoners informs the director of the jail about the future bride and the witnesses; then, the director picks a date for the wedding. The couple has 3 hours of intimacy after the wedding day. This day ”repeats” 4 times per year.

Are Women Blind?

Why most of the women like hard-to-obey people? Psychologists try to find an answer but there is no only one ”correct” answer. These bad people, the prisoners, take care of their ladies as the eyes in their head, but the ladies are their possession. There is no space for disobedience, too many questions or curiosity – just a simple silence and literal obedience of HIS rules.

It is a famous image: The man is in jail and his wife in front of the building, waiting to see her man. These women act as if they were under a spell. They didn’t even dare to think to leave their husbands; turning another leaf in their life is often, out of question. Of course, such a women manage to get out of this ”enchanted circle’’ no matter the love (that in fact, never happened). Such an experience, a desperate woman shares with us…

Prisoners Wives

Life in Fear

A forty-year-old Miranda has been married for years to a criminal. She had been surprised from his arresting, although she had known his ”background’’. The police entered in the middle of the night putting calves on his hands and arresting him. I thought this could not happen because he had had connections in the police… I was crazy about him. He was the image of the man for me – dominant, strict, self – confident and capable of making money out of nothing. Like many of prisoners.

With him, I had everything, but I had to obey his rules. His word was the last and if I tried to say “no’’. I was beaten to death. After that, a gentle embrace or a kiss would have been enough to forget all the bruises on my body and the scars on my soul.

But, love wasn’t the only reason I kept being with him, no. He told me clearly that if I had had the idea of leaving him, that THAT would have been my end. The day when the police arrested him, the police took me also for a questioning. However, they let me go when they realized I had not anything to do with his business.

The Prisoners’ Love Room

My life consisted of visits in the ”love room’’. Routine controls, and again, visits… I was witness of the downfall of my man. In front of me, I had a poor helpless man instead of a ”bad boy’’. I felt nothing but despise for him. I was living in fear that he would do something to me if he found out I was having an affair with another man. I was driving an expensive jeep. Moreover, wore diamonds. But my life was a big lie.

The Prisoners' Love Room

A New Life

The day when the police was questioning me, an inspector came to see me. He gave me his card and told me to call him any time. When my husband started threatening more and more, I called him. He was always there when I needed him. He took care of my children, also. The friendship with this inspector turned into love and devotion and finally, I decided to divorce my ”bad guy’’. I hope my children never ask me where his real father was…

Time for Revealing

The prisoners’ wives WAKE UP! You cannot have a future with a prisoner who is doing a life sentence. Go out, live your life and don’t punish yourself as the law punished your criminal husband! Do it NOW!

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