Why You Should Drink Carrot Juice




Carrots are packed with nutrients and provide many health benefits, which is why it’s recommended to consume them as often as possible. Now that juicing is quite popular, this vegetable has become part of many juices and smoothies choices.

Once you learn some of the health benefits of carrots, you will want to drink carrot juice more frequently. Here are some of them:

1. Boosts Immunity

Carrots contain a great amount of beta-carotene which improves and maintains eye vision. Besides this, beta-carotene keeps the lining of the internal organs, thus preventing infections caused by pathogenic organisms.

2. Prevents Heart Disease

Another benefit of the beta-carotene content in carrots is controlling the onset of heart illnesses and strokes. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to increase the intake of carrots or carrot juice if you are at risk of developing these conditions.

3. Helps in Blood Clotting

This vegetable is rich in vitamin A, and K. Vitamin K plays a significant role in helping the formation of blood clots, thus stopping the bleeding more easily and quickly.

4. Builds Protein

Carrot juice is an excellent addition to your workout routine, for building your body or maintaining your health after a long workout session. The amounts of vitamin K it contains ease the protein building. This vitamin attaches to the mineral important for bones, calcium, thus accelerating the healing process of broken bones. Moreover, carrots are high in potassium, so they improve the overall health of bones.

5. Heals Wounds

The vitamin C in carrots helps the healing process of external wounds. Also, drinking carrot juice is recommended for gum problems.

6. Reduces the Risk of Cancer

Scientists have proven that carotenoids act as anti-cancer agents. Carrots contain these compounds in abundance, so drink more of this juice to reduce your risk of breast, colon, prostate, and other types of cancer.

7. Detoxifiers of the Liver

Carrot juice cleanses the liver, allowing the toxins to be eliminated from the body without problems. This in turn helps the function of the liver. That’s why drinking carrot juice on a regular basis can cleanse your liver and keep you free from dangerous toxins.

In addition, carrots are loaded with vitamins and minerals. A cup of carrot juice will give you only 4% of the recommended daily intake of calories, or that’s around 80 calories. This makes carrot juice a great option if you like to lose some extra pounds.

Via Healthline

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