USDA Approves Slaughterhouses Producing Horse Meat for Human Consumption




It seems that people will have to adjust their taste a little bit because the US Department of Agriculture has allowed horse meat slaughterhouses to make meat for humans.

Iowa, Missouri and New Mexico are a few of the states where horse meat slaughterhouses will get permission from the US Department of Agriculture.

USDA Approves Slaughterhouses Producing Horse Meat for Human Consumption

Selling horse meat for human consumption is illegal in America, but the fact is that many people in America are eating (parts) of horse meat because the horse meat produced in the US is exported to Mexico where it is processed and exported back to the United States and used as an affordable meat filler.

There is strong evidence that this practice already takes place in European Union where meatballs found in grocery stores contain horsemeat.

The Origin of Horses

Horse meat slaughterhouses were made illegal in the United States during the presidency of George W. Bush, but this ban was finished in 2011 and horse meat slaughterhouses were back in business.

According to the reputable news agency Reuters, more than 125.000 horses are slaughtered annually in Mexico and Canada and US food manufacturers don’t want to miss the opportunity to make some profit too.

What is even more shocking is that the majority of horse meat in these slaughterhouses is obtained from horse owners who believe that they no longer need those horses due to injury, illness or because they don’t have the money to keep them.

Most of these horse owners sell the horses to horse meat slaughterhouses at low price. We know how terrifying this sounds, but that’s true – horse owners let strangers take their horses and slaughter them.

Please, take these things into consideration in case you are planning to buy a horse for you and your family. Taking a good care for your horse requires time and money. Don’t be like some horse owners who send their pets to the slaughterhouse once they get bored of it. Don’t forget that you may eat a piece of it when you buy meatballs from your local grocery store.

Via News Target |  Natural News


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