These Popular Chips are FILLED With a Deadly Monsanto Herbicide




Ah, the light and crispy chips from the Lay’s brand.

Chips with the perfect amount of salt, and which basically melts on your tongue.

However, these chips are potentially deadly!

Frito-Lay corporation, which is based in Texas, is a subsidiary of the largest U.S food and beverage business, PepsiCo.

One company report says that Lay’s brand is the world’s number one snack food brand, and once you read the following information, you’ll understand how scary that is.

According to independent researchers, 100 % of the tested Lay’s chips proved to be full of the toxic pesticides, which can’t be washed off the produce.

This means that they literally attach inside every plants’ cell which is used in the production.

Another Lay’s product, called Sun Chips, was found to include the chemical glyphosate. Researchers discovered a significant link between glyphosate exposure and lymphoma.

As GMO-Free USA states that by DNA analysis, the quantitative PCR test proved that 100% of the Sun Chips’ corn was GMO, sustaining DNA sequences which are present in Roundup Ready corn and insecticide-producing Bt.

According to the test, the level of glyphosate presence in Sun Chips is 0.14mg/kg, or 0.14 ppm.

The worst thing is that most of us consider Sun Chips to be a healthy snack, since the company is marketing them as such, putting images of fresh vegetables on the bag, and using phrases such as “whole grain”.

Even if Sun Chips doesn’t contain the cancer-causing pesticide, they are definitely not the best snack option for your kids or anyone.

Bruce Bradley claims that they are one of the healthiest chips, but a single-ounce serving contains 6 grams of fat, 140 calories, and 120 mg of sodium.

PepsiCo has gone to great extents in making sure their consumers are ignorant about their GMO usage.

According to the report by the GMO-Free USA, the company has already spent more than $8.1 million to defeat nationwide ballot initiatives with the purpose to make them reveal their GMO practices.

Although we are now aware of what they try to hide, still no one knows what’s in the details.

Here is the contact information of the Frito-Lay subsidiary of PepsiCo

Phone: 800-352-4477
Online: Live Love fruit

Via David Wolfe

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