Doctor’s Warning: Never Clean Your Child With Baby Wipes No Matter What




Parents couldn’t possibly imagine their lives without using baby wipes. They have become a true necessity when it comes to a quick cleaning of the diaper mess or even for sticky hands, toys or faces.

However, they have probably assumed they are absolutely safe for use but is that so? They are not aware of the true content of the baby wipes.

Doctor's Warning: Never Clean Your Child With Baby Wipes No Matter What

Many researches have pointed out that the baby wipes are not the most preferable thing for the sensitive baby skin. The experts recommend that parents should avoid using these chemical wipes because they expose their children on risk any time they use baby wipes.

The NBC News has presented a study which pointed out that baby wipes are not safe for usage for babies because of one ingredient. The study has conducted a research whose results were disturbing. The children who were exposed to baby wipes had a scaly, itchy and rashed reaction on the skin.

Dr. Mary Wu Chang, a dermatologist and pediatric in Connecticut was a joint author of this study. She examined many children but six different and unique reactions attracted her attention.

An eight years old girl had a serious rash on her buttocks and the area around her mouth. According to where the reaction was located, it was easy to conclude that the reason was nothing more than baby wipes. She asked the mother what she used to clean her daughter. The mother confirmed the usage of baby wipes.

Another case was a man from Belgium who had a serious allergic and chemical reaction to the substance methylisothiazolinone. Dr. Chang in the very moment found a relationship between these two cases.

Doctors Warn: Do Not Use Baby Wipes for No Matter What

Dr. Chang made some analysis on the girl to see whether she had some allergy to this chemical and as you can guess, the test was positive. Such case involved a simple solution. The mother stopped using baby wipes immediately.

During year and a half, there were other five cases with the same reaction. It was easy for Dr. Chang to set the diagnosis because all of the parents used baby wipes for their children. After they stopped using baby wipes, the rashes disappeared.

The chemical methylisothiazolinone is a component ingredient in many popular brands such as Cottonelle, Johnson & Johnson, Huggies and many other. This chemical became a true concern for the parents and a threat of the safety and health of the children. The experts work on finding and replacing this harmful chemical with some more natural alternative.

Another dermatologist, Dr. Ellen Frankel also shares the same opinion with Dr. Chang that baby wipes should not be used on children.

She suggested that parents should take a close look at the ingredients on the baby wipes. If there is the chemical methylisothiazolinone, you should avoid those baby wipes. In this way, you will help your baby and will prevent severe rashes.

Via Healthy Life Star

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