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Osteophytes or bone spurs are superfluous bones that form as a result of deterioration of the bones. This is a common occurrence in the area around the spine, hips, joints, shoulders, hands and knees. People who are affected by this condition have to deal with sharp and sometimes acute pain in the affected areas and in some cases the flexibility and elasticity of that area is reduced too.

There are many reasons why bone spurs arise – change in the calcium intake in the system, aging, general deterioration of bones, tissue degeneration and certain physiological changes. In addition to these reasons things like being obese, apply pressure on the bones on a daily basis and extreme usage of joints as part of some physical activity can also result in osteophytes.

Bone Spurs Identifying

These spurs occur as a direct result of the softening of tendons, the tearing of cartilage and ongoing reduction of muscle mass.

The following is a shortlist of symptoms and sign of their presence:

  • Limited flexibility along the joints.
  • Smooth and sharp projection just under the skin.
  • Severe and sharp pain.
  • Visible swelling in the areas around joints.

People suffering from arthritis can notice two other symptoms:

  • Numbness in the affected area.
  • Corns and calluses occurrence in the feet as a result of extreme tissue damage.

Luckily, there are some easy to prepare and simple home remedies that can be used for treatment of bone spurs. These home remedies can help in most cases, but in case the problem is not solved and you are not witnessing any positive results then you should definitely visit your doctor because bone spurs can lead to nerve damage.

Home Remedies for Bone Spurs

Turmeric Turmeric in the form of powder should be taken 3 times a day. It is perfectly safe and known for the health benefits that it brings. Turmeric powder heals and eases the pain caused by bone spurs.

Cold pack – This is one of the simplest remedies. Apply an ice pack over the affected area and keep it slightly pressed. You can also switch cold and hot packs in order to improve blood flow in that area.

Foot care – According to the Nevada Foot Institute, people can protect themselves from bone spurs by using comfortable footwear. Instead of wearing tight shoes find ones that are comfortable and try to use soft pads in your shoes.

Footbath – Sometimes bone spurs occur at the heel and in this case, taking a footbath with alternating hot and cold water can help a lot.

Moderate-intensity exercise – Pilates, yoga and asana are some forms of exercises that have proven to be effective in cases like this. They can slowly reduce the size of these spurs and completely remove them from the body.

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Warm up – Another good tip for dealing with bone spurs is to warm up your system before getting involved in any physical activity. Even if you are not planning to exercise it is always a good idea to have a mild massage or light movement in the risky area.

Flaxseed hot pack – You can create a hot pack out of flaxseed and place it on the problematic area. You can’t eliminate bone spurs by using this pack, but you can surely reduce the pain.

Linseed oil – Applying a cloth or other type of compression soaked in lukewarm linseed oil on the skin above the spurs will also ease the pain.

Weight loss – As we have mentioned before one of the reasons for bone spurs occurrence is excessive weight. These effects can be felt in the feet. By reducing your weight you can free your body from the burden and remove the pressure on the joints. There is no specially designed diet for prevention or elimination of bone spurs, but any healthy diet that will help you reach a normal weight is fine.

Bone Spurs Info

Source: Organic Facts

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