5 Tips for Better Posture and Less Back Pain




Esther Gokhale advises people to perform these exercises whenever they can – when they are sitting at the table, working at the desk or simply walking around. They are great tips for better posture and less back pain.

Tips for Better Posture

1. Extend your spine

It is simple to add some extra length to the spine. Remember to avoid arching your back, deeply inhale, and lengthen your spine. Keep the same height as your breath out. Repeat the entire procedure – inhale, try to grow taller, and keep the newly achieved height as you breathe out.

This exercise requires patience, but in the end, you will strengthen your abs.

2. Perform a shoulder roll

Most Americans tend to scrunch their shoulders forward, which means that the arms are actually in front of the body.

According to Gokhale, indigenous people never use this position for their arms. To get rid of this habit, carefully pull your shoulders up and slowly push them back, and after that, simply let them drop. This is what we call a shoulder roll.

By performing this exercise your arms should be placed by your side and the thumbs pointing out.

Our ancestors kept their shoulders and arms in this exact way. This practice is natural.

3. Squeeze the glute muscles when you walk

People who belong to indigenous cultures perform the same routine – they squeeze the gluteus medius muscles whenever they make a step. This is one of the main reasons why their buttocks muscles contribute to the support of the lower back and are so well-shaped. The good news is that you can begin developing the same form of muscles by working on the buttocks muscles when you take a step.

Focus on the gluteus medius muscle located at the highest point on your bum. This muscle makes you look and feel perky regardless of your age.

5 Tips for Better Posture and Less Back Pain

4. Avoid putting your chin up

Many people do this, but the fact is that instead of this improper posture in this area, you can add some length to the neck if you take a lightweight object. For example, take a folded washcloth or a beanbag and try to balance the object on the highest point of the crown. Try to create small pressure between the object and your head.

In this way, you will lengthen the backside of your neck and your chin will come back down to its natural position.

5. Avoid sitting up straight

According to Gokhale, this practice will arch your back and result in many problems in your back. Whenever you catch yourself doing this, perform a shoulder roll to relieve your chest and inhale to lengthen the spine and stretch.

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