How to Make Coconut Milk at Your Home




Coconut milk is a tasty drink that can be easily prepared. It looks like coconut milk is getting popular these days. We can see it everywhere around us – in coffee and some people use it even in eggnogs.

However, not every coconut milk is the same and the coconut milk we can find in the stores, packed in paper boxes in the “non-dairy” alternative sections is rich in some substances that are not healthy like guar gum and carrageenan.

That’s why it is the best idea to take some time and make coconut milk in the comfort of your home. It is very simple and easy and you’ll be surprised how creamy it comes out. The final result will be a coconut milk that looks and tastes much better than the milk packed in boxes.

Coconut Milk Recipe


  • Two cups of unsweetened, dried coconut flakes.
  • Four cups of water.
  • Nut milk bag.


Take four cups of water and heat them until they begin to steam. After that, add two cups of dried and unsweetened coconut to the water. Turn off the heat completely and let the ingredients soak for about half an hour. The coconut should become soft and completely saturated. Pour this mixture into a blender. Remember to keep the vent on top open to avoid any problems caused by the heat pressure. If you don’t do that you may have to clean the coconut milk spread everywhere in the kitchen.

Blend the mixture for about 60 seconds and pour the mixture into the special nut milk bag inside a bowl or a pitcher. Let it soak there for about ten minutes until the mixture is cooled. After that, squeeze all the milk out. It sounds easy and simple, right? Most people like to use this mixture while it is still fresh, but you can always store it in the refrigerator where it can last for 4 days. Since you won’t use any preservatives, you will notice that the coconut cream is floating on top. This is nothing to worry about, simply bring it back to room temperature and shake it well before you use it.

This delicious milk is very creamy and coconut is packed with healthy fats that bring many benefits to our bodies. Some people prefer to use this homemade drink in their coffee in the morning. You can also make coconut rice.

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