The Best 5 Nutrition Bars For Weight Loss




There are situations where you simply don’t have enough time to have a proper breakfast before you leave your home or don’t have food to prepare a breakfast. Having a nutrition bar can be helpful in situations like this. The market is full of many different nutrition bars and people often wonder which ones are better than the rest.

The ideal combination would be a nutrition bar that has a beautiful taste, provides the necessary nutrients, and aids your weight loss efforts. The following is a list of the top five nutrition bars for weight loss you can consume as a healthy snack when you are out of time.

The Best Nutrition Bars For Weight Loss

1. Odwalla Bars

Odwalla Bars

Odwalla Bars contain very low amounts of saturated fat and they are rich in proteins and dietary fiber. If you want a version that is low on sugar pick Peanut Crunch. Odwalla is a brand with a long tradition (founded in 1980) and they were first a fruit juice manufacturer located in Santa Cruz, California. Interestingly, the name of this company is taken from the name of the main character in a poem that helped the “sun people” to find their path.

This is probably an appropriate name because Odwalla Bars can help you find the path to a healthy life too.

2. Clif Bars

Clif Bars

Rich in dietary fiber and protein, Clif bars are an excellent choice for a quick morning snack or reenergizing at any period of the day. If you want a version that is low on sugar choose the Cool Mint Chocolate version. Gary Erickson was the person who invented these bars. He was involved in a 175-mile bicycle ride and used many different energy bars during this trip. He didn’t like any of them, so he spent more than 2 years making tests and experiments before he invented the Clif Bar (they are named in honor of his father Clifford).

Today, Clif Bars are one of the most popular and healthiest snack bars on the market.

3. Kashi Go Lean

Kashi Go Lean

Kashi Go Lean nutrition bars contain bran, soy, and whole grains which means that they are rich in protein and fiber. In addition, they contain high levels of sugar, so you will have to pick another nutrition bar in case you need to lower your sugar levels. Gayle and Philipp Tauber, the duo behind these bars, decided to create a bar that can replace a breakfast rich in nutrients.

It seems that they’ve made it because Kashi Go Lean nutrition bars are not only healthy, but they are very tasty too.

4. Luna Bars

Luna Bars

What makes Luna bars different is the fact that they are packed with protein, but they don’t contain much fiber. If you practice a low-calorie diet check the Nutz Over Chocolate option because they have a small amount of sugar and an excellent level of proteins. This is another nutrition bar made by the same company – Clif Bar. According to the manufacturer, this is the first nutrition bar made for women.

5. Powerbar HarvestPowerbar Harvest

Powerbar harvest contains high levels of protein and a sufficient amount of fiber. If you want a bar with a small amount of sugar and saturated fat choose the Cherry Crunch flavor. PowerBar, the company behind this product, was founded by a nutritionist and a professional athlete, so you can be sure that they produce healthy products.

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