TAURUS – December 2013




Taurus(Apr 20 – May 20) –  Love. Congratulations! November was a very “productive” month in the love field. Hum…September, also….and the second, half of August….Don’t worry! December will help you in “broadening” your current relationship and make it even more stable. Pisces, Aries and Scorpio are people that will help you a lot when it comes to earning money. You are very ambitious person, but your “I want more” will be stressed even more during December. This may lead you to exhausting feelings, but at least, you will finish everything you have planned for 2013 and you didn’t during the previous months. You are not very intuitive because you walk with your legs on the ground (not in the clouds), but December will make you a little bit more intuitive. If you are single, you will easily start a new relationship on your work place (as well as Aries and Pisces). Be careful! You hate when justice is not revealed but sometimes is better to give “time to time”. Take it easy and do your job in the most perfect way (that’s the only way you know)!

Health. You feel great. Generally, you don’t have health problems. But, December will “give” you some “headaches” due to the changes in the atmosphere. You hardly, wait winter to come to have some rest. But, be careful: Don’t let “the rest” to last for too long. You have a lot of unused energy. Don’t throw it “down the drain”!

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