Statin Scam Exposed: Cholesterol Drugs Cause Rapid Aging, Brain Damage and Diabetes




Statins are one of the most prescribed types of drugs at least when it comes to the regulation of cholesterol levels. They are also prescribed in cases of certain heart issues. Even though they are used for many years, statins have been heavily criticized when a new scientific study highlighted that fact they do more harm than good when it comes to human health.

Unfortunately, a huge number of individuals rely on statins. The most popular brand names of these drugs include Zocor, Crestor, and Lipitor. According to official statistics, people spent more than 370 billion dollars on prescription drugs in 2014 which was a record-high amount. Without any doubt, statins contributed heavily to this number.

However, this latest finding gave them one more reason to be careful with their use.

Namely, the American Journal of Physiology has revealed a scientific study in which statins are described as drugs that produce effects on different biologic functions of stem cells which explains the side effects. To be more precise, this study claims that the side effects may lead to an acceleration of the aging process.

Additionally, using statins for a long period of time has been linked with some negative effects like neurological side effects, myopathy, and higher chances of developing diabetes. In case you didn’t know myopathy is a condition that leaves the skeletal muscles very weak.

So, statins don’t allow cells to repair in the right way, lead to nerve issues, and harm memory

Specialists that were part of this scientific study believe that the health issues linked to statins have been ignored for many years. But, the truth is that people that were using these cholesterol-regulating drugs have been dealing with fatigue, liver issues, cataracts, memory problems, and muscle pain. So, these drugs have been affecting the cells in different ways and made their reproduction and ability to help our body useless.

Additionally, people have experienced serious health problems or worsened the health issues they already had.

According to Reza Izadpanah, a professor and a stem cell biologist who was part of this study, this was the first time a scientific study confirmed that statins may accelerate the process of aging. Individuals who rely on statins as a drug used to prevent health problems should think twice before they use statins because there are too many side effects related to this drug.

Even though there is clear evidence that these drugs lead to side effects, the Food and Drugs Administration says that there is no room for panic

Namely, the FDA says that a small number of statin takers have experienced impairment related to their cognitive functions like confusion, forgetfulness, and memory loss. In addition, they also said that individuals who use statins may experience increased levels of blood sugar and the emergence of type 2 diabetes. But, as the FDA claims, statins are very efficient and what they do. On their official website, you can find information regarding the latest study that we are presenting in this article.

One of their officials, Amy G. Egan, points out that this new study should not make people stop using statins. All that this study shows is that statins must be taken carefully and that people should learn more about the side effects. They also say that no one can dispute the positive effects of statins.

But, is this true? Many experts disagree. Is there anything beneficial when it comes to premature aging, dysfunctional cells, memory issues, and muscle pain and weakness?

Why is it important to evaluate prescription drugs and scientific studies that have emphasized their health benefits?

According to many experts, this discovery shows us how important it is to re-evaluate the benefits of certain prescription drugs, especially the ones that create side effects in patients

What is interesting is that another scientific study focused on an adolescent antidepressant known as Paxil has reached mainstream media. This study has re-evaluated the findings of the original scientific study and found many errors and even some incomplete info. It turned out that this drug was unsafe and ineffective. These types of studies are supported by the scientific community and the general public too.

Via Natural News

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