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In case you are dealing with some autoimmune health condition, your doctor has probably suggested using some kind of pharmaceutical drug to keep this condition’s expansion. Many of these drugs are costly and what is even worse – they produce different side effects.

This is a list of the ten most used prescription drugs and how much money people spend on them in one year. In addition, we have provided short information about their effects and use.

  • Humira, autoimmune diseases, 6.3 billion dollars;
  • Abilify, antipsychotic, 7.2 billion dollars;
  • Crestor, reduces cholesterol levels, by 5.6 billion dollars;
  • Nexium, reduces stomach acid, by 6.3 billion dollars;
  • Advair Diskus, autoimmune diseases, and asthma, 5 billion dollars;
  • Enbrel, autoimmune diseases, 5 billion dollars;
  • Remicade, autoimmune diseases, 4.3 billion dollars;
  • Sovaldi, antiviral hepatitis C, 4.4 billion dollars;
  • Neulasta, used after chemotherapy to regulate white blood cells presence, 3.6 billion dollars;
  • Lantus Solostar, diabetes, 3.8 billion dollars.

30% of these popular drugs are strong biologic drugs that put autoimmunity at risk by blocking some parts of the immune pathway.

On top of that, they are costly and patients must spend between 50.000 and 100.000 dollars a year.

The Price of Drugs

The incredibly high price of these drugs is one of the reasons why premiums related to healthcare insurance are on the rise in recent period. This is why long-term drugs for Medicare and Medicaid patients are costly too. It doesn’t really matter whether the costs for medications are covered by individuals, the government, or businesses, someone has to pay for these medications and this is something that drains our economy.

Except for hepatitis C drugs, all other drugs are supposed to be taken continuously by patients all the time. The fact is that all these expensive drugs manage all the symptoms very well but their effects are short. A scientific report has shown that by using biologic autoimmune drugs in people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, 50% of them experienced remission in less than 12 months. Just 15% of them had a remission that lasted more than 24 months. In other words, all the drugs we have mentioned are not cures they are just suppressing the symptoms.

According to some reports, more than 75 million US citizens experience fatigue, pain, auto-antibodies, and brain fog. About 25 million of them have a sufficient extent of damage that doctors can easily make a special autoimmune diagnosis. Autoimmune health conditions have been diagnosed for three centuries now and over this period of time, we have witnessed a rapid increase in the number of people dealing with these conditions. At the same time, modern medicine has determined that many diseases are autoimmune in their essence.

In case you didn’t know, autoimmunity is a special condition where the immune cells in our body are not working properly and they are attacking undamaged and healthy body parts which eventually results in health issues like rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, systemic lupus, and multiple sclerosis. It all depends on the type and location of confused cells. The vast majority of experts use immune suppression in order to block these problems.

However, relying just on drugs can promise just short-lived effects. What is better is to determine the main cause of the problem and focus on it instead of waiting for expensive drugs to fix the issue.

A Story About The Effects of These Drugs

About ten years ago, a middle-aged man was diagnosed with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune health condition that is quite frequent these days. The man had to use a wheelchair to move because of the disease.

He decided to visit the Cleveland Clinic and used the help of the most experienced multiple sclerosis experts at this clinic and at the University of Iowa. He used the latest drugs like the promising Tysabri autoimmune drug.  However, his situation got worse in the next few years.

What is interesting is that the patient didn’t give up and started making his own experiments. He was fascinated by the principles of epigenetics or the opportunity to turn genes off and on with the help of lifestyle and diet. He was focused on studying exercise, meditation, electrical activation of muscles, and nutrition. In addition, he signed up for courses at the Institute of Functional Medicine in order to find a way to treat the main cause of his problem.

After a while, he couldn’t even sit in a normal chair anymore and he couldn’t walk for more than 15 yards even when he used walking sticks. The situation got worse because he also experienced brain fog and chronic fatigue. This is when he decided to use a special lifestyle and diet regimen for his brain. After 90 days he was able to clear the brain fog and fatigue. After half a year he started walking freely relying only on the cane. One year after practicing this new lifestyle and diet he was able to ride his bike.

Using Natural Remedies

There are many people who have changed the way in which they are thinking about health and diseases. Instead of thinking about drugs, they are first turning into changes in their lifestyle and diet in order to heal neurologist, autoimmune, and psychiatric issues and they are witnessing great success. There are many tests that have shown how efficient this approach is.

There is also a therapeutic lifestyle clinic created by the aforementioned patient which helps people dealing with lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, Legit, neuropathies, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, diabetes, mood disorder, traumatic brain injury, brain fog, fatigue, and memory loss.

It turns out that doctors are not informing their patients about the fact that the reduction of symptoms achieved with the activity of powerful pharmaceutical drugs is usually temporary. These drugs create huge profits for pharmaceutical companies. However, these drugs can’t fix the direct cause of the problem.

In addition, doctors are not informing their patients that lifestyle and diet modifications are usually more useful than taking drugs at least when it comes to blocking the progress of these diseases and that in most cases they can result in a regression of all these symptoms. After a few weeks of implantation of these changes to the lifestyle and diet, people have better memory, less pain and their energy levels are very high.

In case you are interested in this lifestyle and diet program that helped dozens of people eliminate autoimmune diseases, you should visit this website There is also a seminar that can help people get rid of the symptoms of these life-threatening diseases that modern medicine considers untreatable.

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