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If you are like most adult people then you have probably experienced cracked heels. This health issue is not only visually unattractive, but it can also lead to some more serious health issues, so it should not be ignored. By using foot scrubs on a regular basis, you should be able to solve this problem and prevent such occurrences in the future.

There is a special natural magnesium scrub that you can prepare at home that has proven to be extremely efficient for those dealing with dry skin and cracked heels. It is perfect for the removal of dead skin cells from the feet, but you should feel free to use it on your body and face too. This scrub will make your skin smooth and soft.

Why Use Magnesium?

According to some statistics, 8 or even 9 out of 10 adults are suffering from magnesium deficiency and this health problem can lead to some serious consequences because our body relies on magnesium in order to control heart health, blood pressure, and mental health and supports the development of the baby during pregnancy. As a matter of fact, magnesium is an essential mineral that is part of dozens of biochemical processes in the body.

There are many people who are using special magnesium sprays directly on their skin on a daily basis to make sure that the level of magnesium in their body is fine, but the foot scrub we will present in this article is an excellent way to increase the level of magnesium too.

Do-It-Yourself Natural Magnesium-Based Foot Scrub Recipe

Magnesium salts and Epsom salts are quite rough, but in case you mix them with some other soothing and calming ingredients you will be able to come up with a natural scrub that will improve the hydration of your skin and support the process of removal of dead skin cells.

Olive oil and almond oil are known as excellent skin moisturizers and this is the reason why we should include them in the scrub. The scrub we will reveal doesn’t come with any scent even though you can use different essential oils to get any scent you want. By using some other essential oils you can also bring more benefits to your skin.

A small amount of cinnamon powder and just 3-4 drops of peppermint oil can make an excellent scrub. You can also use lavender oil and rose petals for the perfect scent. People who have experience with such scrubs also recommend:

  • One teaspoon of vanilla extract mixed with ten drops of lavender oil;
  • Five drops of peppermint oil and ten drops of citrus oil;
  • Five drops of rosemary oil and five drops of lemon oil.

In case you are not sure whether you want to use a scrub-based o.n magnesium and salt or you are already getting this essential mineral in a different way, you can replace the salt with sugar to get an efficient sugar scrub.

Foot Scrub Based on Magnesium

  • A quarter a cup of olive oil (you can also use almond oil);
  • One cup of Epsom salt (a great source of magnesium). You can also use magnesium flakes;
  • One teaspoon of liquid castile soap;
  • 15 drops of any type of essential oil (optional).

Take a small bowl and place all the ingredients in it. Add the essential oils if you use them and mix everything well.

Put the mixture in a clean airtight jar and store it in a dark place. You will need one teaspoon of this mixture for foot exfoliation.

Once you are finished with the procedure, rinse the treated area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally speaking, scrubs are very simple and easy to make, but this doesn’t mean that people don’t have questions when it comes to their preparation.

What’s The Shelf Life of This Product?

The answer depends on several things. In case you are not using liquid soap, this mixture can last forever because Epsom salt and oils last for years. On the other hand, liquid castile soap makes the mixture last for about 6 months. This is sufficient time to use the mixture, so you don’t have to worry about that.

When Should We Use This Scrub?

There is no rule about the right time to use this scrub, but the most convenient time to use it is before you take a shower because you will clean the scrub easily.

Is It Possible to Replace Olive Oil with Magnesium Oil?

According to many experts, magnesium oil is actually not oil, but just a salt solution which means that it doesn’t provide the same effects as regular oil. However, there is nothing wrong with using this oil in a scrub.

What Is The Most Efficient Type of Liquid Castile Soap?

There is no rule about this. You can use any soap of this kind. Keep in mind that we recommend the use of only a small amount of liquid castile soap. This soap is used to ease the process of cleanup and to make skin smoother. In other words, you don’t have to use it in case you don’t have some.

Can Magnesium be Replaced with Sea Salt?

Of course! In this case, we are talking about salt scrub instead of magnesium scrub, but this is another efficient remedy for those who want to rejuvenate their skin and make it softer.

Can Magnesium be Replaced with Sugar?

Yes! As we already said, in this case, you will get a sugar scrub instead of a magnesium scrub. Sugar has proven to be excellent for the skin. Needless to say, when we consume it this ingredient is not very beneficial for our health.

Is Magnesium Foot Scrub a Nice Gift?

Yes! There is no doubt that homemade gifts are getting quite popular today and your friends and colleagues would love to get an efficient foot scrub. This specific scrub is very useful for pregnant women because it soothes leg cramps. When you use this scrub as a gift, use a label and list the ingredients. In addition, write an expiration date.

Where to Find Attractive Jars?

Well, you can use jars from other products you’ve used or unleash your creativity and make your own jars. There are many places on the Internet where you can buy such jars. In addition, check the local antique stores, and thrift stores and ask your friends to give you some of their unused jars in case they don’t need them. When it comes to homemade gifts, you can put this scrub in a mason jar with a cork top and add a wooden spoon to the present.

Will This Scrub Make Problems for The Septic and Drains Systems?

It depends. It is the best idea to ask a specialist in this field and check whether your septic system can handle the leftovers from this remedy.

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